So Long and Thanks For All The Fish

I began ConsciousCT in 2007 as an experiment in organizing and promoting regional holistic practitioners, businesses and programs.

It was a subset of The Door Opener magazine using material Dory Dzinski gathered and published. Events and practitioners East of the River were featured on the ConsciousCT website and a Calendar provided at a glance what was coming up each month.

For a number of years regular newsletters were emailed with news of the community, new sections of the website and promoting upcoming fairs.

Sections of the website covered activities, shopping, health, environment, spirituality and support for businesses. As new social media apps developed Facebook and MeetUp were added.

The monthly holistic practitioner breakfasts, biennial Greater Vernon Holistic Healthfest, and the Alliance For Holistic Living dovetailed nicely with ConsciousCT to make a vibrant East of the River community for practitioners and the public for over ten years.

But there is a cycle to all things. I've played in the field of holistic health and spirituality for almost 35 years and have seen the cycle of creation, maturity and decline with organizations, centers and publications. I've learned to let go of the old as there is always a new project or idea waiting to be explored.


Now its time to let ConsciousCT go and perhaps I've hung on to it a little too long. Times change with the way people connect and get their information. I have slowly lost interest in the website as other projects call me and have given it less and less time. In recent years I've only kept up the Calendar.

So its been another great ride. I've met lots of interesting people and made many life long friends through ConsciousCT and, hopefully, had a positive influence on those who have found it useful.

For the past ten years I've been drawn to activities in my adopted home in the Tankerhoosen Valley in Vernon. The Spirit of the Tankerhoosen tapped me way back in 1961 when I first set foot in Connecticut and kept me close until I was ready to wake up and work with her. I've brought with me the skills and lessons I've learned from years in the holistic community to help create new community here to promote and protect my little valley.

So on to new adventures with passion and curiosity. And my hope for you is you'll listen to the spirits that are calling you to service, new discoveries and adventure.

Jon Roe