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Tour of Conscious CT

Whether you are new to Conscious CT or you just want to be sure you don't miss anything, this page will give you a tour of our site with a description of what is in each section as well as what we plan to add. The site will include a lot of material so it could be easy to miss something.

Since this site represents our East of the River community it is divided into sections representative of a community - activities, health, communication, shopping, etc. You can quickly jump to any section using the index at the top and bottom of the page.

Another way of quickly locating something on the site is to visit the Site Map, which lists all pages. You can access the Site Map from a link at the bottom of every page. There is also a site only search engine.


Here you'll find what is going on in our region - workshops, classes, fairs and groups. At the heart of this section is a Calendar with day by day listings. You can access the Calendar from anywhere on the site using the link at the bottom of the page.

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We are blessed with a wide array of interesting shops in our region that carry herbs, natural foods and gifts. They are also a good place to tap into the local community as they usually carry cards and brochures of area people and practitioners. The Store Tour will guide you on a visit. Also listed here are area people and businesses that offer holistic products and services out of their homes or through Internet websites.

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Health & Healing

Whole health includes body, mind, emotions and spirit. Here you'll find how to locate practitioners in our area, resources for learning more about holistic health and links to informational sites. We've also included the section with Spiritual Counselors, such as astrologers, intuitives and Tarot readers. Another area is about Healthy Foods where you will find area farmers' markets, Community Supported Agriculture farms and more.

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Holistic people have long felt a strong connection to the Earth, and with the recent government and corporate admission of the reality of global warming, there is a lot of activity and planning to clean up the environment. This section includes state and area resources, organizations and news of local importance as well as sections on recycling, conservation, preservation, land trusts and hiking.

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These are features that don't fit neatly into other sections. They include business and organization profiles, persona stories, area speakers and interesting links to inspirational slideshows and YouTube type clips.

Profiles are essentially a one page website that allow you to learn about businesses, practitioners and organizations at a glance. Our Profiles present essential information in a consistent way so you can quickly compare one business or practitioner against another or know exactly where to find what you need. You'll find a reference to them wherever they are listed on Conscious CT.

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Conscious CT is intended to be not just a listing of events and resources, but an interactive dialogue. Here you'll find area news, photo galleries of recent community events, the newsletter, our blog and other local blogs. Blogs are intended for two way communication in that you can post, for all to see, your response, ideas and comments to any of our postings.

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Many of us see life as a spiritual journey. In this section will be ideas and resources for the journey including the experience of others and tools to aid you. There is currently a section on spiritual movies and another showcasing area spiritual artists. We may also add a Metaphysics 101 section.

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Information and resources for practitioners, sellers and workshop leaders on not just how to use Conscious CT, but where to find help in the area and ideas to improve your business. News, support, classifieds, organizations, where else to advertise and your own newsletter to support this segment of our community.

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