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Shannon McCarthy

Shannon's first painting was displayed publicly in 1984 on the wall of her family's tiny apartment. Untitled, the large piece was in collaboration with her sister Kate, comprising of vibrant finger paints on rolled white paper. A celebratory work, it was commissioned by their parents Karen and Michael.

Prior to that, her pre-verbal exploits included shaking Tabasco sauce all over the furniture at dawn, petting kitties, chasing fireflies, being tickled, swimming, and finding shiny things on the ground.

Later on Shannon journeyed into the land of story books- illustrated children’s bibles, recreation of life in Ancient Egypt, Greek Mythology; her childhood was littered with questions about who it was that came before- and what kind of pretty clothes did they wear? She kept herself content filling up sketchbooks and painting the walls of her bedroom. Her favorite store growing up was the one with beaded gowns. She’d get lost inside looking at the shiny dresses.

Her first public, really, commission was at 16 years of age in St Augustine, Florida; a 12-foot mural that recreated a Flemish vanitas floral painting on a Roman balustrade. In high school she apprenticed for a couture dressmaker, who insisted that Shannon walk her giant white standard poodle around downtown. There was also some sewing involved.

In college, Shannon studied Linguistics and Classical Studies. During that time (and after, of course) she flirted with a few jobs including Nun, Linguist, Baker, Chef, and Holistic Health Counselor. They were all lovely, though none floated her boat like painting. So she’s back to where she started: painting with her fingers. She lives in Connecticut at Clear Point Center, where her studio is also located.

Her paintings can be viewed by visiting www.shannonmccarthy.com. Her printed materials are available at www.shaniworks.com.


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