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Artists' Corner

Spiritual art is inspiring, healing and thought provoking. In this section you will find a selection of the work of area artists.

Roughly every other month we'll introduce the spiritual art of a new local artist with a page devoted just to their work. This page will introduce you to the artist and you can view a sampling of their work. We'll connect back to their website where you can see more of their work and, if interested, learn how to purchase items. We encourage you to support our area artists; artwork makes great gifts.

Featured Artists

Click on name to visit gallery page.

Karen Chadbourne has been in the business of 'inspirational doll-making" for the past five years. She combines a life-long love of spiritual exploration with an equally strong passion to make things with her hands to create Original Presents, LLC, offering hundreds of people the chance to express their dreams in a truly memorable and inspiring way - in the form of a doll. Karen enjoys sharing the "inspirational doll-making" process in workshops and parties, as well as with kids at the CT Children's Medical Center.

Raymond Hardy is an artist, Reiki Master and long time student of shamanic studies. Ray's art focuses on depicting his encounters with the whitetail deer. As his synergistic relationship with his subjects evolves, he is discovering that the whitetail can truly be "The Gatekeeper of the Spirit World." He lives and works in Bolton and works only from his own field studies and photographs, thereby creating portraits of individual deer with their own unique story.

Damon Hellandbrand is a self taught artist from South Windsor. Although he has had no formal art education, the style and originality of his compositions resonate with “pure raw talent”. He has a flair for working with pencils, charcoal, watercolor, acrylics, inks and is drawn towards creating worlds of fantasy. But no matter what medium Damon begins with, his final product will always be rendered through Photoshop as a means to “push the art to the brink of his creativity.”

Aline Hoffman is an artist, healer [Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master] and school counselor (retired). Her early work was in pen and ink. She now works mostly in the Abstract Expressionist style and particularly enjoys the spirituality of Chinese Brush painting, exploring a wide variety of papers and textures. Her studio and healing center are located in Coventry.

Shannon McCarthy studied Linguistics and Classical Studies in college. Although she flirted with a number of other jobs she has returned to painting. Shannon's roots are in Florida and South Carolina, but her studio is now in Stafford Springs at Clear Point Center, where she also provides the food. Her artwork is available in print, and as a calendar. And her first cookbook will be out soon also.

Roberta Mockus works in oil pastel, collage elements, and acrylic mediums. This allows her to quickly achieve brilliant colors and texture to capture movement and form in the moment, creating the tone and mood for each piece. She celebrates the spirit in her work allowing it to flow through and guide her. She is RLM Studios located in Broadbrook where she also facilitates workshops in Touch Drawing and Process Painting.

Leanne Peters was formally trained as a medical illustrator, having earned her BA from the Rochester Institute of Technology. This background helped her to appreciate the mystery and complexity of life which she brings to her spiritual artwork. She is as comfortable with a computer as with a pencil and does graphic design for both commercial and holistic clients. She is Art Director of The Door Opener and contributed to the design of Conscious CT. Her artwork is available in print, bookmark and greeting card formats.

Meg Peterson is the owner of Meg's, an inspirational and spiritual boutique in Manchester. She loves art, dancing and cooking; the gifts that keep her centered. Artistically Meg expresses herself through painting, stained glass and jewelry making. She feels her brush is the instrument that allows energy and enthusiasm to flow through her; allowing the beauty to come out. Meg's store is an expression of her art.

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