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Roberta Mockus

Roberta's work is greatly inspired by artists from the New York School. Motherwell, De Kooning, Richard Diebenkorn, Joan Mitchell, Han Hofman and Jackson Pollock.

"I allows intuition and spontaneity to take over in most of my work. The spirit in us all has the power and the guidance; all I need to do is follow and listen. Picasso stated, 'Inspiration only finds you when at work.' So I allow my ideas to unfold and reveal themselves."

Roberta works in oil pastel, collage elements, and acrylic mediums. This allows her to quickly achieve brilliant colors and texture to capture movement and form in the moment, creating the tone and mood for each piece.

"I celebrate the spirit in my work and allow it to flow through and guide me to what is then transformed into visual meditation for the viewer to enjoy and take with them what it is that calls."

"Expression is the founding core of our happiness and the ability to communicate with free strokes of color and movement is my passion to share with others. Guiding them to find their inner spirit and voice with intuitive strokes of spontaneous color and line! Spirit works in all in many different ways, paint and color allow for my intuitive voice to sing and become one with self bringing joy to my core."

Roberta has won awards and her works are collected throughout the Northeast. She facilitates workshops in Touch Drawing and Process Painting. Her paintings can be viewed and purchased by visiting local-artists.org/user/11820 or see her blog at rlmstudios.blogspot.com. She can be reached at her studio in Broadbrook at (860) 508-1924 or rlmstudios@yahoo.com for more info.


Please click on the images below for a larger view. Paintings are not named so that the work can speak directly to the viewer.

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