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Karen Chadbourne

What if a doll could capture your feelings? Karen Chadbourne answers that question with examples of amazing art dolls that express the essential beauty--or the cherished dream--of the doll recipient. Her creations are born from the loving words of friends and family...from twigs, yarn, stories, cloth, memories, clay, play, ribbons, lace, oohs and ahs, wings and such... Pulling materials from abundant resources, she lets the spirit of the doll recipient shine into her hands and heart. Dolls come to life following a surprisingly simple process, and tell the divine truth at the core of each of us--that we are awesome, unique and beautiful.

She credits a transforming year with the Hartford Seminary's Women's Leadership Institute (WLI) for calling forth this unusual art form. WLI drew her out of the orderly business arena of operations management and into the more chaotic but magical place of "inspirational doll-making." Six years later, she not only creates inspirational dolls herself, but also guides others in this process, in workshops and parties, and also has spent hundreds of hours on a very special project--making "loving message" dolls one-on-one with children in the hospital, each doll holding an imprint on the heart to represent the child's wish for a loved one or self.

Karen lives in East Hartford. She holds doll building workshops in the area and also creates special dolls for your friends and loved ones. Visit her website at www.originalpresents.us to see what she and others have created and to learn the stories behind each inspirational doll. She can be reached at (860) 895-8900.


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