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Aline Hoffman

Aline wears one hat with many sides: Artist, Healer [Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master], and school counselor (retired). She is a Certified Master Trainer of Hypnotherapy.

She began her career as a Fine Arts teacher in New York City following her graduation from NYU with her BS in Art Education. After living in California’s Sonoma Valley where Aline managed an art gallery, she moved to Connecticut to take her MS in Counseling Psychology followed by earning her 6th Year Degree in Gestalt Therapy, both from Southern CT State University in New Haven, CT. Aline completed her Doctorate in Behavioral Science during the summer of 2012.

During the 1970’s, Aline aligned herself in the Abstract Expressionist style - oils on canvas - exploring balance, color and composition. Previously her focus had been on “Emotional Realism” with pen and ink.

With Masters Degree in hand, Hoffman became the Director of Art Therapy at a private psychiatric institute in Portland, CT and was recognized as the third Registered Art Therapist in Connecticut by the American Art Therapy Association.

Hoffman saw a natural connection with her next career as a school counselor, both at the middle school and high school levels. She is now retired from her 25 year career within the Coventry public school system.

The artist speaks about her artwork: "We are all influenced by events and people in our lives. One such ‘significant emotional event’ changed my artistic direction. I visited the Conn College gallery in New London, CT, to see the works of Chinese artist Charles Chu. When I picked my jaw off the ground, I knew I had to learn traditional Chinese Brush Painting. When we open ourselves to the Universe we get what we need: the following year I studied with two Mainland Chinese artists during a week-long total immersion course. As Picasso said, ‘when you find something you love, make it your own.’ And I did. I continue to love this style 20 years later. Having first fallen in love with Chinese Brush in 1989, I continue to explore this work from new perspectives."

Aline goes on to say, “One of the wonders of Chinese Brush is in the preparation for a painting: soaking brushes, grinding ink, preparing color chips and choosing the appropriate rice paper; it is all a very spiritual and meditative process.”

"I have renewed my love of the abstract while continuing Chinese Brush. ‘Feminine Mystique’ – pastels on textured papers. This series feels to be a continuation and validation of my experiences as a woman, a Reiki Master and a Hypnotherapist. With a creative mind and a clear sense of the Body/Mind Connection, I find that my work in the Healing field is simply an extension of who I am as an artist."

In 2008, Aline began her Birch Series with a style she calls “Modified Chinese Brush”. Unlike traditional Chinese Brush, she paints on highly textured papers that she has moistened. Then, once she applies the background, Hoffman continues to paint the white and then adds the defining black, while everything is still damp.

Aline lives in Coventry with her husband, Bill, in the home of his childhood. Her healing practice, Solution Alternatives, and Maple Brook Art Studio are part of their house. Visit her website at www.solutionalternatives.net to see more of her artwork. She can be reached at (860) 916-4232 or by email: solutionalternatives@earthlink.net.


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