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Personal Stories

Personal Story: Jon Roe

Holistic Business

Since you are here on the Conscious CT website there is not much I need to say to introduce my business to you. The purpose of the website is to build community in our region of Connecticut and support holistic businesses in the area. The website is also intended to be a doorway for those new to holistic and spiritual ideas to comfortably explore who we are and what we do. If a few lives are transformed along the way that would be wonderful.

I do Conscious CT not to support myself, but because I seem to have a gene that makes me feel good when I can connect or help someone. I don't really understand, just seems to be not so much a choice as my nature. The people I meet on the journey are interesting and loving; you all have great stories to tell and there is always something new to learn.

After 18 years or so of publishing The Door Opener this seemed to be a natural next step. It is less work, but I can use the connections made and skills developed to explore a more intimate form of networking.

And I just never was any good at golf, so what else can I do with my time?

My Story

I was born September 1, 1939 (Virgo sun, Ares moon, Pisces rising, which explains me very nicely) in the small town of Branchville, NJ. I spent the first 21 years there in northern New Jersey when there were more cows than people and lots of lakes and summer tourists; much like Ellington used to be.

The social life in town revolved around the two churches and we were Presbyterian, a typical Protestant church and light on dogma. In those days it was safe to go off on your bike in the morning and not show up home until dark. No cell phone, computers or even television until I was nine. I think that growing up in a small town with a close community influenced my interest in community now. Having experienced it, I miss it and know its value.

High school was the normal trauma - insecure, skinny, drank too much, scared of girls. Interestingly our class is still very tight and we have reunions every five years. I developed a website for the class which helps keep us in contact. (www.newtonhigh57.org).

Classic Family Photo - 1974
Check The Shirt . . And The Hair

Graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 1961 with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. College was all work and very little play, so not much to say about it. The degree brought me to Pratt & Whitney where I was fortunate enough to work my entire career, 32 years, as an analytical engineer combining design, manufacturing, advanced engines and computers. I decided fairly early that I didn't want to go into management so I grew the beard, which was the kiss of death for would-be managers in the 70's. This kept the stress at a reasonable level and for the most part it was an enjoyable career.

The exploration into metaphysics started in 1976. I had given up on church and religion ten years earlier and considered myself an agnostic. Wished there was something, but couldn't find anything that felt real. At the time my wife had a series of precognitive dreams and I set out like a good engineer to find an explanation. It led to a class at Rockville Adult Ed which introduced me to the world of metaphysics; unknown to me up until then. Next came five years of reading Seth, Cayce, Ruth Montgomery and anything else I could find. Then in 1981 I took Mary Cunningham's Paranormal course, again at Rockville Adult Ed, where I met John Mammone and Norton Berkowitz also just getting started. At that time there were no real book stores, but various small groups exploring things. I'll save the details and perhaps do a new age history of the area for the website.

In 1984 I attended the first Celebration of Life, a weekend workshop near Willimantic put on by Bev Titus and friends. This was my first overnighter and immersion into the world of holistic and metaphysical people. It was intoxicating a very high high, so I offered to help the following year, which became my first experience working with an organization. I learned that although I wasn't a psychic, healer or teacher there was a place for left-brained, organized list makers. This was the first job for me that actually helped people and I found that I enjoyed doing that. After ten years of work on myself I had become a very different person and was looking for a way to give back.

After the last Celebration in 1986 I as at loose ends wondering what to do next. A series of workshops at a conference that summer at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania led to my one big transcendent experience. The workshop of Enid Hoffman on Huna cleared and opened me such that I was able to ask for and accept whatever work the Universe had for me. A month later the opportunity arrived for what would become The Door Opener. The rest, as they say, is history.

That's basically what led me to where I am now. Pratt started downsizing about the time I began with The Door Opener and in 1993 I was able to take a very early retirement at age 53 and follow my dream. Sometimes I think I must have manifested the whole downsizing. After retiring I looked around for other places I could make a difference and saw that the holistic health field was on the verge of becoming accepted. I first joined New Haven's Connection For Health Network and then got involved in most of the other organizations that came together to support holistic practitioners. Along the way there was also the New Age Guild of CT and supporting lobbying efforts to repeal the Fortunetelling Law and keep nutritional counseling open to all. And I've helped put on a few fairs, expos and other events. It's been a great ride.

And Now

What has worked for me when I needed guidance or wondered where to go next is a very simple mantra borrowed from Ram Dass. Just ask ‘How can I help?' and get out of the way. Then follow the lead of whatever shows up in your life. No agonizing about finding your life's purpose or deciding what to manifest. Trust that the Universe knows better than you.

Favorite Pastime: Schmoozing At Fairs. With Dan Heninger

For the last 25 year the holistic/spiritual life has occupied all my spare time. Nothing else I really wanted to do or that offered anything nearly as satisfying or where I could meet such an interesting cast of characters. Before getting involved I used to read widely and spent ten years digging into family history.

The other part of my life is family. I've been married 45 years to the girl I met while in college and we've lived in Vernon the whole time. (Virgos are stable folk.) We had two children who are now married and live in Connecticut and we very much enjoy our three grandchildren. Family is small but live close and we share experiences and holidays.

No spiritual travel holidays as my wife isn't into the area the way I am. But we have explored the West Coast and much of Canada plus travels to England, Ireland and Italy. Hope to do more over the next few years.

Besides my work the things I enjoy doing now are getting outside and hiking, spiritual cinema, the intersection of science and spirituality, small book and meditation groups, and lunch with fellow travelers.

Still waiting to see my first UFO and meet my first ghost. Being so left-brained it has been a challenge to trust my intuition but I'm getting there. No unusual psychic abilities, although they wait to be developed (never say never). Not sensitive to feeling energy, so not much of a healer, but I enjoy Tai Chi and Qigong. I'll get there too.

My goal is to contribute for a long time to come. The holistic approach and practitioners have kept me healthy. With the Internet there is always some way you can continue to play. It's kind of fun being at the wise elder stage of life. People are a little nicer to you and although nobody really pays that much attention to your advice, they figure you must have learned something. It's all good.

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