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Personal Stories

In a community you know who people are. They are not just doctors, postman, insurance salesman and grocers. They are real people with a history, a family and interests outside their business. This is what Personal Stories is intended to do, show you the person behind the holistic business. In our community it is the naturopath, graphic artist, massage therapist and shop owner. Hopefully, it will bring us closer together. You'll learn a little about each person and the journey that brought them to where they are today. We can also learn from each others journeys and struggles as we're each a mirror for each other.

This section is just starting. We invite anyone that is on our website in any capacity to share their story.

Jon Roe

Beverly Titus - Bev was both the catalyst for what has blossomed into the holistic community in Connecticut and the fiber that supported its growth. She organized and presided over the 1984-86 Celebration of Life festivals that brought together what, at the time, would have been called New Age Connecticut for a joyous weekend each year. She also organized bimonthly fairs in the Hartford area for nine years. Bev was one of the three founders of the New Age Guild of Connecticut in 1989 which brought together the new age and holistic communities. And finally she was instrumental in starting The Door Opener magazine and did the word processing and layout for 18 years.

Jenipher's Journey - Jenipher Young-Hall left Manchester February 1, 2010 for a stay in Guatemala. This is the story of her adventure as taken from her Facebook page.

Jocelyn Colombe and Jeff Behr spent much of March 2009 touring and working in South Africa. They visited sacred sites, met with local healers, and demonstrated healing tools, as well as doing normal tourist activities like hiking and site seeing. Upon returning Jeff put together an excellent journal of words and pictures documenting their journey. He does a good job of describing what is similar to life back home as well as what is very different. The scenery is spectacular and the cultural contrasts illuminating.

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