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Looking for someone to speak or do a workshop for your group or event? On this page is a list of area people who have made recent presentations to The Guild in Manchester and their topic. They are listed alphabetically. Many of the presenters can speak on a wide range of subjects. Those listed either live or have offices in Conscious CT. Clicking on the pictures will bring up full size images.

Norton Berkowitz, PhD

The Healing Power of Our Past

Our past lives affect the life which we are living today. Learn how this healing modality can improve your current physical and physiological health by releasing the stressors of the past. Norton will discuss his book, "Healing Power of Our Past" and will take the audience back into a past life that was meaningful to them. You will also have an opportunity to watch Norton take an audience member back into a past life and you will be able ask questions of the volunteer.

Norton Berkowitz, PhD

is a past life therapist with an office in Tolland. He can be reached at (860) 875-1969, norberk@aol.com or visit his website at norberk.com.

June Hyjek

Transcending Pain & Stress

With chronic pain and stress on the rise, and the subsequent staggering healthcare costs, more and more people are looking to ditch the pills for more holistic ways to get through their daily struggles. Learn how a mindbody approach to pain and stress can induce deep relaxation, alleviate symptoms, promote self-healing and improve overall well-being. By understanding the science and emotion behind pain and stress, we can demystify these simple holistic practices and use them to create a healthy and vibrant life. June will also discuss her book, “Unexpected Grace: A Discovery of Healing through Surrender” which tells the story of her own journey to find physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

As a MindBody Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master, June offers extensive experience in pain and stress management, working with clients to help them move through life’s transitions with grace. June also struggles with the debilitating condition of Scoliosis and incorporates her personal experience into her life’s work. June can be reached at 860-985-9850 or jhyjek@earthlink.net.

Faith McCann

Wicca and the Magickal Arts

Faith will introduce Wicca and Witchcraft, the fastest growing spiritual path in the United States, explaining what it is and what it is not. Often misunderstood, she'll answer any questions you might have.

Faith McCann is owner of Enchantments, a witch shop located in Manchester, and a school for the Magickal Arts. She practices the Celtic/Druidic tradition and has over 20 years experience. Faith has taught 'Introduction To Pagans, Witchcraft & Wicca' at Manchester Community College every semester since 2003. She is also a second degree black belt instructor at a local martial arts school, where she teaches children how to stay safe. Faith can be reached at (860) 791-6033, enchantmentsllc@gmail.com. Her website is www.enchantmentsschool.com.

Marie Menut

Healing With Tibetan Bowls

An introduction and demonstration of Tibetan Singing Bowls as used for reducing stress and for healing. Marie will begin with a prelude, a chorus of 12 singing bowls, starting at 7:15 PM, to welcome you into the mystical world of sound healing of the body, soul and spirit. She will conduct a short meditation session using her bowl to help focus the mind. She will then give a brief history of these Himilayan Sound Instruments. To further illustrate the healing power of the bowl's sound energy, Marie will ask volunteers to come forward to feel sound vibration helping to release pain or discomfort. She will finish by sounding her bowl at each one's heart chakra, and then demonstrating her energizing "Om Hug."

Marie Menut, RN is on her third career, mom, rehab nurse, healer. Marie began working the healing arts of sound and touch into her nursing practice 27 years ago. She started with hands-on healing, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Sound Healing using Tibetan singing bowls, and Reiki. She found that her patients responded better when she used these complementary therapies. Marie's descriptive name for her healing is: 'Vibrational Healing on the Cellular Level.' Marie can be reached in East Hartford at (860) 289-7667, mariemenut@gmail.com. Her website is www.VibrationalHealing.org.

Deborah Ravenwood

Bach Flower Essences

The Bach Flower Essence system is an approach to healing that concentrates exclusively on one’s emotional and spiritual health —rather than on their physical symptoms. By balancing the underlying emotion—healing of illness is enhanced, and feelings of fear or stress are relieved. Bach Flower Essences appeal to people interested in choosing a holistic healing support system that is drug-free and does not interact with any existing medicinal therapy you may be using. Experience the benefits of using this unique system of medicine that harnesses the healing properties of flowers and plants.

Deborah Ravenwood is a Registered Bach Practitioner and a Retail Education Trainer for Nelson Bach, USA and an Energy Medicine Practitioner as a graduate of the Institute of Healing Arts & Sciences. She and her husband Kurt own the Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center in Manchester. She can be reached at (860) 432-2081, deb@ravenwoodhealing.com. Her website is www.ravenwoodhealing.com.

Jon Roe

The Meeting Of Science & Spirituality

In the last decade science and spirituality have been bumping up against each other with advanced work in such areas as quantum physics, cosmology and consciousness research. Scientists have discovered, through theory and experiments, that there is a field underlying everything in our universe. This field has been labeled the zero point field, the A field and the Quantum Vacuum. It contains a memory of the vibration of every particle as information (as does the Akashic Records), it is holographic, information travels in it far faster than the speed of light, and the information influences the evolution of life on earth and the universe as a whole. It may also be conscious and the source of our consciousness. These are also the attributes used to describe that which we label as 'God'.

What might this discovery mean to our understanding of life after death, the near death experience, past life regression, energy healing, spirit communication, intuition, free energy, manifesting and our next evolutionary step? We won't be able to answer all these questions, but will be able to give you a whole new way of looking at metaphysics.

Jon Roe is the founding publisher of The Door Opener magazine, has been active in most of the holistic organizations in Connecticut and was one of the founders of The New Age Guild of Connecticut. He has been studying metaphysics for over 30 years and actively involved in the Connecticut spiritual and holistic community for over 20 years. He is currently publisher of the ConsciousCT.org website. He can be reached (860) 875-4101, Jon.Roe@comcast.net.

Dr. Marian Vitali

Experiencing Shamanic Consciousness Through A Despacho Ceremony

Come for an experience and participation in an Andean-based shamanic Despacho Ceremony. You will be gently guided in creating together a prayer bundle - or despacho - to be gifted back to Earth at the evening’s end in an outdoor fire ceremony. This ceremony is a core healing practice of Andean mountain shamans in which a prayer bundle is assembled with natural and made items, such as sugar, grains, flowers, candies, beads, prayers...etc. We will be creating a single group despacho, in particular, an Ayni Despacho for remembering and aligning ourselves with all our relations. This ceremony is a route to personal, community, and planetary transformation, and to experiencing a shamanic consciousness. So often we designate a special occasion by saying “let’s set time aside”. In ceremony we set time aside by intentionally “stepping outside of time” into non-ordinary sacred space. Please dress for both indoor/outdoor and bring a small stick for a releasing exercise that will be set free into the ceremonial outdoor fire.

Dr. Marian Vitali, D.C. has for 30 years provided therapeutic wellness services, consultations, and education. She has a decade’s experience in several shamanic traditions and has been initiated into the Q’ero medicine practices of Peru. She is inspired over and over again by people themselves becoming available to their inner resources, shifting their potential from the ordinary to the extraordinary. She works in Tolland and can be reached at (860) 871-0008 or marianvitali@sbcglobal.net. Her website is www.wholelifewellnessshaman.com.

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