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Profiles are essentially a one page website that allow you to learn about businesses, practitioners and organizations at a glance. Websites are a wonderful collection of information,but each is set up differently and it takes time to navigate through them to find the information you want. Our Profiles present essential information in a consistent way so you can quickly compare one business or practitioner against another or know exactly where to find what you need.

Those with Profiles are listed below. You'll find a reference to them wherever they are listed on Conscious CT. This section is just starting. We hope as time goes on you'll find most of those listing on Conscious CT with Profiles.

Spirit Matters is a Manchester center offering a variety of methods to explore personal growth and healing.

Alliance For Holistic Living - An East of the River group of practitioners and supporters providing education and service to the community.

Greater Vernon Holistic Breakfast - A monthly First Friday breakfast of practitioners in Vernon.

Home  |  Activities  |  Shopping  |  Health  |  Environment  |  Resources  |  Communication  |  Spirituality  |  Business
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