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Health & Healing

Holistic healthcare seeks optimal integration of body, mind, emotions and spirit. The care giver recognizes that each person is unique and treats the patient as a whole by developing a partnership with the patient, while emphasizing personal responsibility and prevention. Holistic medicine is a system of interaction and growth which focuses on root causes rather than treating symptoms, with an emphasis on using minimally invasive, natural approaches to healing.

Holistic Health Practitioners

The Door Opener publishes an annual directory of Holistic Health Practitioners in Connecticut in its Winter issue. It is also online. We list those who practice in our region. Our first page lists practitioners by modality. Clicking on the business name will take you to more detail on each business and links to practitioner websites.

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Spiritual Counselors

Spiritual Counselors include astrologers, intuitives, Tarot readers and others who provide counseling and insight using non-ordinary methods. Although they might have been in another section of our website they are here because people often consult them seeking guidance on a problem.

The Door Opener publishes an annual Spiritual Guidance Directory in its Summer issue. It is also online where you will find advice on "Getting The Most From A Psychic Reading".

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Hospitals serving the ConscousCT area offer a variety of holistic services. To help you choose which might be right for you this page details the holistic offerings of Hartford Hospital, Saint Francis Hospital, Windham Hospital and ECHN's Rockville General and Manchester Memorial Hospitals. Most provide services under an Integrative Medicine Department. Also included is some history on each hospital's programs and educational offerings.

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Healthy Eating

What we eat to a large extent determines how we feel and how healthy we are. Food can also be used as medicine in our healing. This section includes a variety of resources to help you eat healthier. Included are lists of area Farmer's Markets and Community Supported Agriculture initiatives.

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Relaxation is a key to good health. Visit a holistic spa in the area to feel good as well as good about yourself.

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