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Green Homes

Tips and resources for making our homes greener. Thanks to PACE for many of the suggestions.

Connecticut Energy Guide

The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters Education Fund is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that raises awareness about Connecticut's environment. They strengthen Connecticut's environmental movement by educating citizens on key environmental issues; getting citizens involved in building sound environmental policies; and organizing networks of conservation-minded leaders likely to influence decision making in state or local government. One of their projects is the publication of "Your Connecticut Energy Guide", which is availabe online for reading or downloading.

Co-op America

Co-op America publishes The National Green Pages™, the nations only directory of screened and approved green businesses. It is sent as hardcopy to members and is also online for anyone. Those businesses accepted for the directory must meet the following criteria:

* Actively use their businesses as tools for positive social change;
* Run "values-driven" enterprises that operate according to principles of social justice and environmental sustainability;
* Are socially and environmentally responsible in the way they source, manufacture, and market their products and run their offices and factories; and
* Are committed to developing and employing extraordinary practices that benefit workers, customers, communities, and the environment.

See Connecticut Green Companies for a full listing. The following two companies are listed for our region.

Helyn's Clean Solutions - Ann Harford
Ellington, CT
(860) 872-0406
Cleaning solutions developed as an alternative to toxic cleaning agents. "They are environmentally safe, people safe, and they work great too!"

Living Naturally, LLC - Glenda Sinnamon
25 Oak St., Manchester, CT 06040-6135
860) 647-9480
This is a store selling personal and home care products for allergy sufferers, the chemically sensitive, and conscientious consumers.

Green Home Guide

The Green Home Guide is a website that will connect you to ideas, advice and green home professionals.

Healthy Houses

The Healthy House Institute is a resource for a better, safer indoor environment. HHI strives to be the most comprehensive educational resource available for creating healthier homes. To this end, HHI treats the home like an ecosystem with many interrelated parts, covering topics in-depth such as air and water quality, building, remodeling and furnishing, cleaning and housekeeping, health and safety, ventilation, lighting, energy efficiency and more.

Rather than preaching to the converted, HHI seeks to reach a mainstream educated consumer with credible information merging the best of ‘green’ with the best of healthier homes research, indoor environmental data, health and medical science, into a practical, timely, easily digestible but comprehensive message. HHI strives to be a truly authoritative voice that has the ‘ear’ and trust of major media, influentials, and most importantly, the intelligent consumer.

Environmental Health

The Connecticut Department Of Public Health has an Environmental Health page that includes a wealth of information and data on such topics as Air Pollution, Asbestos, Carbon Monoxide, Children's Environmental Health, Environmental Hazards, Fish Consumption, Food Protection, Groundwater and Well Contamination, Hazardous Waste Sites and Soil Contamination, Healthy Homes, Home and Garden Hazards, Indoor Environmental Quality, Lead, Mercury, Mold, Radon and much more.

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