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Environmental Conservation

Tips and resources for reducing your footprint on the environment.

CT Energy Info

The state has setup a one stop website, CT Energy Info, for energy information for both homeowners and businesses. Here you'll find ways to save energy, what state and local energy programs are available, fuel assistance information and details on renewable energy and green buildings.

The CT Clean Energy Program

THE CT CLEAN ENERGY OPTION - CTCleanEnergyOptions is a Department of Public Utilities Control (DPUC) approved program that allows any CL&P customer the opportunity to support clean energy made from approved renewable resources such as wind, small hydro and landfill gas. Customers who enroll continue to receive electric delivery service from their utility and pay a small clean energy surcharge. You have probably seen this offer with your electric bill. Take a close look as this is one place your choice makes a difference. You'll have the option of receiving 50% or 100% clean power from either Sterling Planet or Community Energy. Visit CL&P's clean energy website for more information and to sign up.

The Connecticut Clean Energy Communities Program is a partnership involving the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, SmartPower, Community Energy, Sterling Planet, the Department of Public Utility Control, and the Clean Water Fund. The program provides Connecticut communities an opportunity to support clean energy alongside its local residents, businesses, and institutions. By joining this program towns make a commitment to using 20% clean energy by 2010 and can earn free clean energy systems ($10,000 minimum value) each time they achieve certain goals. One important way of achieving goals is for residents to sign up for the CT Clean Energy Option as described above.

Our Towns' Scorecard

9 of our 15 towns have pledged to have 20% renewable energy by 2010. Of the 9 only 4, Coventry, Glastonbury, Manchester and South Windsor, have achieved the first stage goal of meeting CCEC requirements and received free systems. It's 2010 already so that's not very impressive. Our towns definitely need a prod. In our towns an average of only 1.9% of the households have signed up for clean energy. The best is Glastonbury with 4.4%. Perhaps people aren't aware of the program. Most of these programs were initiated by individuals who approached their town with the program. If you are willing to take the issue to your town we can find you support from others who have done this.

Town 20% by
% HH
 Andover 2.4
 Bolton 2.8
 Coventry Feb-08 Apr-08 1 3.2
 East Hartford Apr-08 0.6
 East Windsor 1.0
 Ellington 1.2
 Enfield Oct-07 0.8
 Glastonbury Jan-06 Jan-06 6 4.4
 Manchester Apr-07 Apr-07 4 1.6
 Somers 1.2
 South Windsor Oct-07 Apr-10 1 1.6
 Stafford Mar-10 1.3
 Tolland 2.5
 Vernon Aug-07 1.3
 Willington Apr-10 2.1

Updated May 2010

20% by 2010 - Date community passed resolution to participate.
CCEC - Date community met requirements to participate.
Free Syst - Number of free solar systems earned.
% HH Signups - Percent of households in the community signed up for clean electric energy.

Eliminating A Few Of Life's Annoyances

41 POUNDS - A website for reducing junk mail. It is estimated that the average adult receives 41 pounds of junk mail a year. This organization contacts companies on your behalf for five years and estimates they reduce 85 - 90% of your junk mail. There is a $41 fee of which a third goes to a charity of your choice.

CATALOG CHOICE - This is a free service that allows you to decide what gets in your mailbox. Use it to reduce your mailbox clutter, while helping save natural resources. Their mission is to reduce the number of repeat and unsolicited catalog mailings, and to promote the adoption of sustainable industry best practices.

STOP THE ANNOYING PHONE CALLS - Put your name on the National Do Not Call Registry to stop most telemarketing calls. You can't stop calls from charities, politicians or companies you've done business with in the past 18 months. Call (888) 382-122 or visit their website. Your number stays in the registry permanently. You can also file complaints on this website.

GET A HUMAN - Tired of the telephone maze and companies that hide their phone numbers. This site decodes how to quickly get to a human being at hundreds of companies.


THE GLOBAL ACTION PLAN FOR THE EARTH helps you set up 6 month support groups to learn how to be more environmentally responsible. Known as Household EcoTeams this is a program for turning your good intentions into action and save you money at the same time. Contact GAP at 84 Yerry Hill Road, Woodstock, NY 12498 or call (914) 679-4830.

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