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January 2016

Upcoming Expos & Fairs

2016 is underway and there are seven expo and fair opportunities scheduled through April to get us through the cold days.

Fairs are an opportunity to enjoy the company of friends, have a reading, relax with a massage or energy healing, explore new ideas at a workshop and do a little shopping, which also supports local small businesses.

For those looking for the Greater Vernon Holistic Healthfest they are biennial and this is the off year.

For Exhibitors: A page has been posted with fairs and expos in the Greater Hartford area for the next year. Here you'll find dates and contact information for each. Go to Upcoming Fairs.

And for the many other events scheduled visit our Calendar to find out what's coming up. We update regularly so check in when planning your week. Also check our Social Networking opportunities if you would like to be notified of upcoming events.

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Winter Wellness Expo 2016

The first expo of 2016 will be Saturday & Sunday, February 6 & 7. MARCI FOURNIER of Pure Health of CT in Windsor will hold the event at the Holiday Inn in Enfield from 10 a.m to 5 p.m. each day.

The 2016 Winter Wellness Expo will be a traditional expo with holistic practitioners, vendors, energy and vibrational demonstrations as well as intuitives and readers. Conventional, complementary and alternative treatments and therapies will be available. Fifty exhibitors will participate and 20 workshops will be held throughout the weekend.

The Holiday Inn is located at 1 Bright Meadow Blvd. in Enfield (I-91 Exit 49). Admission is $5 or free with a non perishable food item.

Marci can be reached at (860) 944-2775 or marci@healthwealthhomeexpo.info.

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Psychic Fair @ C4PT

The Center For Progressive Therapies in Manchester holds quarterly fairs. Their Winter fair is Sunday, February 7 (Snow date: Sunday, February 14) from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Available are Tarot Readings, Intuitive & Psychic Readings, Channeling, Tea Leaf Readings, Mediums, Astrology, Palm and Fairy Card readings; Reiki, Table Massage, Pendulum Coaching, and Reflexology healing modalities; plus Jewelry, Stationery, Metaphysical Tools, Crystals and Stones vendors.

C4PT is located at 192 Hartford Road in Manchester. Admission is free.

C4PT's Spring fair will be on Sunday, April 24.

» See Flyer for more information.

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Astrological Society Winter Fair

Each quarter the Astrological Society of Connecticut holds its New Age Fair at the Keeney Memorial Cultural Center, 200 Main Street in Wethersfield. Their Winter fair will be held on Sunday, February 21 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This quarterly metaphysical sampler has free admission, free parking and free presentations. Browse the many vendors, munch on refreshments, enjoy a massage or get a great reading: $25 for a 20 minute reading. Families welcome.

Their Spring fair will be on Sunday, May 17.

» Learn more about ASC fairs.

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Soul Light Expo

On Sunday, April 17 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. DORY DZINSKI and The Door Opener Magazine will host their Spring Expo in East Hartford.

Every spring, they have a new location (Fall holds steady at the Crowne in Cromwell). Spring of 2016 offers a beautiful site the newly restored Holiday Inn Downtown Hartford in East Hartford right off the highway!

There will be two ballrooms the main ballroom holds 38 vendors and the junior ballroom holds 20 vendors. There will be 20 workshops available. Also a teacup raffle, a new line of angel statue products, their very awesome Soul Light t-shirts, and a day of healing, fun and education. Check their webpage at the beginning of March to see all of our vendors, teacup raffle items and workshops.

Admission is $5 with all workshops.

» For a list of participants and workshops.

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Wisdom & Wellness Spring 2016 Expo

MARCI FOURNIER of Pure Health Wellness Center in Windsor will hold this Expo at Windsor's Hilton Garden Inn on Saturday & Sunday, April 23 & 24 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.

Admission is $5. The Hilton Garden Inn is located at 555 Corporate Drive in Windsor.

Marci can be reached at (860) 944-2775 or marci@healthwealthhomeexpo.info.

» See website for exhibitors and workshops.

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Social Networking

Important or interesting events are posted on our Facebook Page and we post one or two events a week on the Conscious CT MeetUp page. We encourage you to check them out and consider joining. Both will bring notices of upcoming events to you.

As an example here are some recent Facebook postings:

  • Winter Solstice Celebration
  • The Door Opener Prints Its Last Hard Copy
  • Memoirs For All Of Us
  • Willington Health & Wellness Fair

And a few recent Conscious CT MeetUp events:

  • Tools For Self-Healing & Wellness
  • Mercury Is Retrograde - What Does It Mean?
  • Naturopathic Medicine's Perspective on Detoxification
  • Healing In And With Nature

» Go To Conscious CT Facebook Page.
» Go To Conscious CT MeetUp Page.

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News Headlines

Each quarter there is activity in the community that you'll find covered on the News Page of the Communication section as well as on our Facebook Page.

  • Meg's Expands In New Location
  • Passings: Denise A. LaBarre
  • Passings: Dorothy Helen Flagg
  • Passings: Wandakay Josephson

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