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December 2013

Bah Humbug???

It's now been almost a year since the end of the Mayan Calendar and, depending on your belief system, the predictions of doom or ascendance. It was great fun, as we do love our drama, but here we are doing pretty much what we were doing a year ago. Certainly for some life has changed, and you can attribute it to moving from the third to the fifth dimension if you like, but major changes come for some of us in any year.

I've lived long enough to have experienced and survived too many predictions and phenomena to get very excited by them. The alignment in the 1980's, World War III in the early 90's, the millennium change computer disasters, the Rapture in 2007, the Mayan Calendar last year, the west coast falling into the sea in November, and a few more I've forgotten. Again great fun and drama, but not enough changes to convince me anything significant really happened.

There have been few major changes with East of the River retail stores or centers in 2013. The Center For Spirit Expressing opened in Manchester this summer and Sacred Rivers moved to larger quarters last month. You can learn more on our News Page or keep up with changes as they happen on our Facebook Page.

As you do your holiday shopping please support local retail stores and crafters. The holiday season can be the 'make it or break it' time for small stores and crafts people. As the 'big box' stores have moved into Manchester, Glastonbury and Enfield, and people do more Internet shopping, it has taken its toll on our small specialty stores and the local businesses that give flavor to our community. The Calendar lists a number of upcoming holiday sales events. Also see a list of Retail Stores.

A reminder that we have the only comprehensive Calendar of Activities covering the East of the River community. Please check it regularly for upcoming events and activities as we usually update weekly. The centers are very active and there can be many last minute additions or changes.

And a wish, a prayer and an intention for you to have a peaceful holiday season, however you celebrate it, and a New Year filled with love - because that's what really makes the change happen.

Jon Roe   

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Upcoming Events

Following are a few of the things coming up this December. You can find details in our Calendar.

Free Christmas Past Life Workshop

In the spirit of the season NORTON BERKOWITZ will present his second free holiday Past Life Workshop on Saturday, December 14 from 1-3 p.m. in Bloomfield.

Discover your past life, who you were and how it influences you today. In the 2 hour workshop you will experience several past lives and see several individuals taken back to their past lives.

This year Norton will also have special guest SUSAN PERL EEMCP demonstrating how energy around us affects our health.

The Center for Holistic Empowerment is located at 3 Barnard Lane, 3rd floor in Bloomfield. Norton can be reached at norberk@aol.com or (860) 875-1969.

Solstice Events

There are usually a number of celebrations around the Winter Solstice and the Christmas holidays, often scheduled at the last minute. Those currently in the Calendar are:

  • Saturday, Dec. 14, 7:30 p.m.: Unity Christmas Concert
  • Tuesday, Dec. 17, 7-9 p.m.: Winter Solstice Celebration
  • Saturday, Dec. 21, 5 p.m.: Lighting of the Solstice Fires
  • Saturday, Dec. 21: C4PT Holiday Party
  • Sunday, Dec. 22, 4-7 p.m.: Alliance Solstice Celebration & Community Potluck
  • Thursday, Jan. 2, 6-7 p.m.: Sacred Rivers New Year's Resolution Meditation

See Calendar Listing for details and late listings.

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Winter Classes & Activities

The Winter issue of The Door Opener is on the stands. The theme for this issue is Relationships - relationships with ourselves, with others and with money. Cover art is by LEANNE PETERS and the magazine can also be read online.

The Winter issue, as it does each year, also includes their annual Holistic Health Practitioner Directory. This is the oldest online directory in Connecticut and probably the most comprehensive with 120 practitioners in over 80 categories. Conscious CT will update our directory soon to reflect area practitioners included.

Regional events for December are posted in our Calendar.

» Go to The Door Opener's 2014 CT Holistic Health Directory.
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The Alliance For Holistic Living's 5th Anniversary

The Alliance For Holistic Living is celebrating its five year anniversary this holiday season. The Alliance grew out of discussions that began at the monthly Greater Vernon Holistic Breakfast in November 2008.

Unlike other practitioner organizations whose purpose included the promotion of the individual practices of members, the Alliance from the beginning chose to focus solely on education of the public, community service and community building. And rather than a formal board of directors they chose to be guided by a Wisdom Circle, similar to indigenous councils.

The most visible activity of the Alliance is its free monthly program, which over the years has introduced people to a wide range of holistic modalities and ideas. Their programs are held at a variety of East of the River centers to familiarize people with the wealth of options available in the area.

A few of the Alliance's other activities include taking part annually in Rebuilding Manchester, producing annual wellness fairs at the Ellington and Coventry farmers markets, conducting in-service programs for professional caregivers and hosting quarterly community gatherings.

You can learn more about the Alliance For Holistic Living at our Alliance Page. And the next community gathering will celebrate the Winter Solstice and the holiday season on Sunday, December 22. Everyone welcome. See Calendar for details.

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Out And About: Alliance In-Service

One of the ways the Alliance For Holistic Living provides both education and service to the community is through in-service programs. This year they did two programs for the Hockanum Valley Community Council in Vernon, a two hour program in February and a three hour program in October.

In the programs Alliance members presented a series of relaxation and stress reduction techniques that counselors and employees can use during the day. These included chair Yoga, QiGong, 5 minute relaxation techniques, finger labyrinths and meditation.

In the picture LISA BURCH and KAREN AFFRICANO start the program with drums and Tibetan bowls.

» Go to the Alliance's Facebook Page for more photos.

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Healthy Eating

The outdoor Farmers' Markets are closed for the year but indoor markets are open and there is the possibility of an even larger market in the near future.

Winter Farmers' Markets Now Open

The outdoor summer Farmers' Markets closed in October; but some reopened in November for the winter season. The markets are quite different in the winter. In the summer, the focus is on fruits and vegetables. In the winter, it's other crops and products like beef, eggs, pork, honey, maple syrup and yarns. Shoppers can expect to see a selection of local meats, seafood, dairy, breads and syrups.

It's an important market for farmers as their expenses continue throughout the year, and important to buyers who want fresh, local food.

In our area markets are open in Glastonbury and South Windsor through December and in Coventry and Ellington through the whole winter. The challenge has been to find a good and willing location. Sites include schools, churches, restaurants and the YMCA. See the list and locations at Winter Markets.

Hartford Planning Large Regional Market

Credit: CT Dept. of Agriculture

If you've visited the large, block sized regional markets in Philadelphia, Baltimore or Lancaster, PA you know what a draw and attraction they can be. Not only do they offer fresh produce but the temptations offered for an in-market meal or to take home are a draw in themselves.

Now the CT Department of Agriculture is exploring the idea of something similar. The Hartford Regional Market, just off the highway near the Charter Oak Bridge, has long provided fresh produce to restaurants and in the spring many low cost flowers and plants. But you have to get there early as by mid morning the farmers have headed for home.

Hartford's Regional Market's 1940's structure needs replacing and the state is considering a reconstruction and expansion to make it more user friendly for state farmers and wholesalers and more of a year-round market for the public. A kitchen and new food processing center might be included. The market facility would complement and not replace the outdoor farmers' market. The indoor market would provide stalls for independent, locally owned businesses (including farmers) to sell fresh and prepared foods. While the focus would be on Connecticut grown products, the indoor market would likely have products from outside the state also.

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Social Networking

This newsletter is not sent as frequently as it once was, however, the Calendar and Activity listings are up-to-date as are the directories. In addition interesting or important events are posted on our Facebook Page and we also post one or two events a week on the Conscious CT MeetUp page. These social networking resources are particularly visited by younger people and new arrivals in the area. We encourage you to check them out and consider joining.

As an example here are some recent Facebook postings:

  • Hartford Regional Market Upgrade
  • Windsor 75 Diner Makeover Photos
  • Panic in Connecticut: Accused Witches Have Their Say
  • A Channeled Evening With Master Kuthumi

And a few recent Conscious CT MeetUp events:

  • A Channeled Evening With Clarissa
  • Going Gluten and Dairy-Free (Almost Painlessly)
  • Holistic Wellness Fair @ Ellington Farmers' Market
  • Working With The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

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News Headlines

Each quarter there is activity in the community that you'll find covered on the News Page of the Communication section as well as on our Facebook Page.

  • Sacred Rivers Moves To Larger Space
  • Largest Solar Farm In CT Opens In Somers
  • New Spiritual Center Opens In Manchester
  • Passings: Dr. Patricia Mulready

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