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Fall 2012
Tibetan Monks at Manchester
Unitarian Church (May 2012)

2012 - So Far, So Good

We are three-quarters of the way through 2012 and at least here in New England there have been fewer weather events than in 2011 and nothing big seems to have changed. The talk now is about shifts rather than disasters - they may be just personal or they may be universal. We are told that as the Mayan calendar comes to an end in December we will have opportunities for rapid growth and personal development as well as opportunities to help shift the planet to more peaceful and cooperative ways. Let's take advantage of them.

You may have noticed that this newsletter is not being published as often. Other projects have called and are claiming large segments of time. But do know that the Calendar, Activities and Directories are kept up-to-date and many events are publicized on our Facebook and MeetUp pages.

In the retail area there have been few changes his year, the good news being the opening of a new store in Willington as covered below.

There have been changes in a number of our centers but they remain very active offering you many workshops and events from which to choose each week. Spirit Matters moved to the Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center in Manchester, Woodfaeries moved to Ellington, and The Beyond Center expanded their space. Visit our Centers Page for a full listing.

And of course everyone rolls out their Fall programs and offerings in September. As always there is much to choose from. The largest event is the annual Wellness Fair at the Coventry Farmers' Market on Sunday, September 30.

Jon Roe   

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Wellness Fair At The Coventry Farmers' Market

On Sunday, September 30, as part of the Coventry Farmers' Market, the Alliance For Holistic Living will host their third Wellness Fair with about 20 tents and demonstrations of sound healing, energy work and massage available. If you've never been to the Coventry Farmers' Market this is your opportunity. Coventry is the largest Farmers' Market in the state and one of the best in New England.

After a stressful winter wondering where and if the 2012 season would be held the Coventry Market is back at the Nathan Hale Homestead and also has in place the new barn they won.

The Market and Fair are open from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Practitioners will represent naturopathy, chiropractic, nutrition, meditation, shamanism, vibrational healing, yoga, massage, Reiki and psychotherapy. And, of course, you'll want to visit the vendors and farmers at the main market for fresh local food.

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Other Upcoming Events

Following are a few of the things coming up this fall. You can find details in our Calendar.

Psychic Fair At C4PT

The Center For Progressive Therapies has been holding quarterly Psychic Fairs since the spring. Their Fall fair will be held Sunday, September 30 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Astrology, Tarot, Palm, Card, Past Life and Intuitive Readings, Massage, Chakra Cleansings, Medium and Spirit Channeling. All services are $20 for 15 minutes. There are also talks throughout the day and vendors on site. Check the website for schedule and other updates.

The Center For Progressive Therapies is located at 192 Hartford Road in Manchester.

The Beyond Center Open House

REBECCA ANNE LOCICERO moved The Beyond Center back to the larger first floor space and on Saturday, October 6 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. will have an Open House introducing the space and her two new practitioners - Psychic Medium DONNA MARIE CRAWFORD and Medical Intuitive MAIKA BAILLARGEON.

As part of the day each of the three will do a free hour presentation: Rebecca Anne at 12 p.m., Donna at 1 p.m. and Maika at 2 p.m. There will also be a drawing for a 30 min reading. The Beyond Center is located at the Vernon Professional Building, 281 Hartford Tpk, Room G-5 in Vernon.

Tibetan Singing Bowl & Native Flute Concert

On Saturday, October 13 at 7 p.m. there will be a rare concert appearance featuring the combination of Tibetan Singing Bowls and Native American Flutes. The performance will focus on the deep spiritual and mystical sounds of the Tibetan Singing Bowls and Native American Flutes enabling the listener to experience musical meditation of the highest order with EMILE DE LEON of Temple Sounds in Middletown on Tibetan bowls and FROC FILIPETTI on Native American flute and guitar.

The concert will take place at MARIE MENUT's Vibrational Healing Center, 966 Tolland Street in East Hartford. The cost is $30 with limited seating. For tickets see our Calendar listing or visit Temple Sounds or Vibrational Healing Center.

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New Store Opens In Willington

All In All: Pastime & Curiosity Shoppe opened in Willington in June; a gift shop with a New Age twist. Offered are local artwork and products, as well as unique cards, gifts, books, wind chimes, Native American items, aromatherapy, incense, books, Tarot cards, suncatchers, rainbow makers, pendulums, salt lamps, smudgesticks and more in the gift shop downstairs. Classes are also available, and upstairs are the offices of acupuncture/chiropractic and massage/Reiki practitioners.

All in All is a family run business owned by PAM FAVREAU and her daughter JASMINE JETTE. They can be reached at (860) 429-3000 and are open Thursday - Sunday. The address is 8 Tolland Turnpike in Willington, just off I-84, Exit 69 next to the Track 9 Diner on Rte 74.

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Fall Classes & Activities

The Fall issue of The Door Opener is on the stands and is online as well. The theme for this issue is Signs and Whispers with 10 articles on how we receive subtle communication and nudges from the Universe. Regional events for Fall are posted in our Calendar.

The Fall issue also includes the annual update of retailers around the state. Alas, too few are located in our region of the state any longer. As you do your holiday shopping please support these businesses as the holiday season can be the 'make it or break it' time for small stores and crafts people. As the 'big box' stores have moved into Manchester, Glastonbury and Enfield, and people do more Internet shopping, it has taken its toll on our small specialty stores and local businesses that give flavor to our community.

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Practitioner & Counselor Directories

Our Holistic Health Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor Directories include all those listed in The Door Opener's annual 2012 statewide directories who practice in our region of the state. There are 33 Holistic Health Practitioner listings with a wide range of modalities including holistic physicians, naturopathic physicians, acupuncturists, chiropractors, bodyworkers, energy practitioners, psychotherapists, shamanic practitioners, hypnotherapists and coaches. In the Spiritual Counselor Directory are 9 readers, communicators and astrologers.

Included with the listings are photos, links to websites and in some cases Business Profiles so that you can more quickly access information about a practitioner and learn what each offers. A few practitioners also include videos for a more personal introduction to their practice.

Some of the practitioners listed in our directory will also be at the Coventry Farmers' Market Wellness Fair. It's a great opportunity to get to know our practitioners and see how they can help you.

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New Photo Album: Alliance Activity

The Alliance For Holistic Living has been active in the area for almost four years. It's a unique organization as it requires member participation and the group's focus is on education and service rather than promoting our individual businesses. Conscious CT is proud to be a part of the Alliance and we've kept you up on the group's activities.

The organization offers free monthly programs on health and healing, the Ellington and Coventry Farmers' Market Wellness Fairs, a Speakers' Bureau, free clinics, quarterly potlucks and a variety of public service projects which help us forge a strong holistic community. To give you a better feel for all they do we've created photo albums of the past two year's activities. It will give you a better overall feel for the group.

Membership is free and open to anyone, not just practitioners. The only requirement is that you share our values and be willing to participate. Join us at the Coventry Farmers' Market or stop by our clinic on October 20.

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Out And About: Ten Years Of Breakfasts

The first Friday of each month since 2002 a group of practitioners and friends have met for breakfast in Vernon. It has proved to be just one more way of strengthening the holistic community in this area. For some it's a social network to share our triumphs and sometimes heartaches. For others its an opportunity to introduce themselves and their businesses to the community. And for everyone its a place to talk about subjects you can't talk about in the muggle world.

Over the years many friendships have developed as well as business opportunities. Out of the breakfasts has come support for the Greater Vernon Holistic Healthfest and development of the Alliance For Holistic Living organization.

This September we celebrated our 10th anniversary by each reflecting back to where we were in 2002 and how our lives have changed over that period. We currently meet at the R House Restaurant on Route 30 and if you are not busy the next First Friday stop by and visit our merry group.

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Sponsor Activities

Both Spirit Matters and Breathe...more, LLC are multi-purpose centers offering a range of activities and services.

Breathe...more celebrated their fifth anniversary this Summer and has been adding more options at its Tolland studio, including reflexology, massage and energy work.

They also have a number of special events and classes coming up this Fall including a six-week course in Integrative Nutrition with health coach IWONA LEGER, R.N. beginning October 2 or 4; Tai Chi with GEORGE HOFFMAN beginning October 3; a four-week Introduction to Meditation with JUNE HYJEK beginning October 4; Meditation, Yoga and the Chakras on October 27 plus their annual post Thanksgiving workout and annual Winter Solstice Celebration.

See our Calendar for details or visit Breath...more's Upcoming Events.

» Learn More About Breathe...more

Spirit Matters is now well integrated into their new location at Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center in Manchester. LISA BURCH oversees a wide variety of programs with many of the same teachers from Ellington and a number of new ones.

All the regulars are back for Fall including 'Tai Chi' with GEORGE HOFFMAN, 'Crystal Bowls' with EDIE JEMIOLA, 'Shamanic Journeying' with MARIAN VITALI, 'Vibrational Healing' with LISA BURCH & MARNA WALTER and 'Channeling the Angelic Council of Light' with PAT CAFFREY.

In addition there are some new or one time programs. FREDERICKA CLOSE offers classes on 'Unconditional Love' in September and 'Sacred Contracts' in October; there is 'The Work of Byron Katie' on October 19, and 'Aging Gracefully' with ADELE CARUSO on October 24.

See our Calendar for details or visit Spirit Matters Workshops & Classes.

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Social Networking

We no longer send this newsletter as frequently as we once did, however, the Calendar and Activity listings are up-to-date as are the directories. In addition interesting or important events are posted on our Facebook Page and we recently began posting one or two events a week on the Conscious CT MeetUp page. These social networking resources are particularly visited by younger people and new arrivals in the area. We encourage you to check them out and consider joining.

As an example here are some recent Facebook postings:

  • Tenth Anniversary Vernon Holistic Breakfast
  • The passing of Glastonbury MD Alicia Stanton
  • Photos of the Ellington Farmers' Market
  • Orb Photos from Gene Ang's Arcturian Activation

And a few recent Conscious CT MeetUp events:

  • Power, Clarity & Health
  • Receiving and Living Your Passion and Purpose
  • Holistic Wellness Fair @ Ellington Farmers' Market
  • Joseph FireCrow's Concert Of Hope

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News Headlines

Each quarter there is activity in the community that you'll find covered on the News Page of the Communication section as well as on our Facebook Page.

  • New Store Opens In Willington
  • Passings: Alicia Stanton, MD
  • Woodfaeries Relocates To Ellington
  • Coventry Farmers' Market Wins Little Red Barn

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