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Spring 2011

While We Wait For Spring

As I write this it's a warm rainy Sunday, which is rapidly melting the snow and, although there isn't much land peeking through, at least I can see most of the roof now. This is the Winter you'll tell your grandchildren about...or its the new norm, as some are predicting.

No matter, we're here and we'll live it. As a nice transition to Spring the last weekend of March brings you the biennial Greater Vernon Holistic Healthfest. This year it's expanded to two days and a greater bargain you won't find. For just $5 a day you can attend 5 workshops, talk to most of the area practitioners, shop for crafts and gems, meet your friends and hang out with the most interesting people in the area.

To complement Healthfest we've updated our Holistic Health Practitioner Directory where you'll find more area people and can quickly investigate which practitioners offer the modalities you want.

This year the Alliance For Holistic Living will have a significant presence at Healthfest so we've put together a slide show to provide you with an overview of all the activities and events they were involved in during 2010. A lot of activity for relatively few people, but don't they look like they thoroughly enjoy it?

And the Spring issue of The Door Opener is out. Besides Spring classes this issue introduces its 25th anniversary year causing waves of nostalgia for those of us who were there at that time.

The snows this January brought challenges and problems to many, but our community has a way of turning lemons into lemonade. The story of Topmost Farm's greenhouse caught the attention of the state's media and has been the feel good story of the winter. Community rocks!

And lastly I have to apologize for the time between issues of this newsletter. The Calendar and events have stayed up-to-date as has the News page, but the Universe nudged me off in another direction. I went with the flow as explained on the blog. Between newsletters check our Home Page and Facebook Page for regular updates.

Jon Roe   

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Upcoming Events

The big event this month is the biennial Greater Vernon Holistic Healthfest to be held the weekend of March 26 and 27 at the Vernon Center Middle School, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. This year the fair has been expanded to two days. There will be 85 exhibitors each day with 36 workshops and demonstrations over the two days. With different workshops each day and, in some cases exhibitors who will only be available for a single day, it would be worth attending both days. And the cost is only $5 per day for all exhibits and workshops. Only once every two years will you find this many area practitioners in one place and this many workshops to learn from. Each day will also include a Gong Concert at 1 p.m. and a drum circle at 3 p.m.

Exhibitors and workshops are posted online. You are encouraged to read through the workshops as the online description is longer than can be included in the program. If you are on Facebook join our Healthfest Page for updates and information on exhibitors and workshops.

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Holistic Health Practitioner Directory

We updated our Holistic Health Practitioner Directory to include all those listed in The Door Opener's annual 2011 statewide directory who practice in our region of the state. There are 42 listings with a wide range of modalities including Holistic Physicians, Naturopathic Physicians, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Bodyworkers, Energy Practitioners, Psychotherapists, Shamanic Practitioners, Hypnotherapists and Coaches.

Included with the listings are photos, links to practitioner websites and in some cases Business Profiles so that you can more quickly access information about a practitioner and learn what each offers. A few practitioners also include videos for a more personal introduction to their practice.

Of the 42 practitioners listed in our directory, you can meet 21 at Healthfest where they will be exhibiting and of these, 11 will be doing workshops. It's a great opportunity to get to know our practitioners and see how they can help you.

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New Photo Album

The Alliance For Holistic Living has been active in the area for over two years. It's a unique organization as it requires member participation and the group's focus is on education and service instead of promoting individual businesses. Conscious CT is proud to be a part of the Alliance and we've tried to keep you up on the group's activities. They are many and varied so to put it all together we've created a photo album of just the past year's activity. It should give you a better overall feel for the group.

Membership is free and open to anyone, not just practitioners. The only requirement is that you share our values and be willing to participate. The Alliance will have a significant presence at the Vernon Healthfest with nine exhibitors and twelve member workshops and demonstrations. Stop by and learn more.

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Celebrating 25 Years

The Spring issue of The Door Opener is out and in addition to listing all the Spring classes and workshops, editor DORY DZINSKI also introduces the magazine's 25 Year Anniversary.

But first the basics before getting to the anniversary. Spring is always packed with events and classes, second only to the Fall season and this year is no exception. Lots going on and we've loaded those events taking place in March in our Calendar. April and May will follow. The theme for this issue is 'Developing Your Intuition' with articles by the area's top teachers.

The first issue of The Door Opener was published in the fall of 1986 by Bev Titus, Elizabeth Eisenhauer and myself. It was a crude 16 page newsletter output on a dot matrix printer. Yet it represented the promise of the emerging computer technology in that a small group of novices with a minimal budget could produce, print and distribute a product that would connect people with teachers and ideas. There are probably not more than three existing copies of that first newsletter, but Dory is reprinting the entire issue this year beginning with the first two pages in this Spring issue. Hope you will enjoy the history and nostalgia as much as we will.

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Out And About

For a decade CAROLE MILLER's Topmost Farm in Coventry was home to the annual Herbfest of the CT Herb Asso. More recently Carole has been a cornerstone of the very successful Coventry Farmer's Market. A centerpiece of the farm is Carole's greenhouse where she grows her heirloom tomatoes.

Last month the snows of 2011 brought down the greenhouse as they did many other farm buildings across the state. As with many small farms the greenhouse wasn't insured and Carole lives and farms alone.

It didn't take long for the Coventry Farmer's Market community to come together, to clean up, begin to raise money and plan to rebuild the greenhouse for Carole. The first event was a work day on February 12 to clear the snow and remove the debris. On very short notice 35 people came and quickly cleaned the area followed by a hearty home cooked lunch.

The next step was to raise $7,500 to rebuild the greenhouse. People from the market donated more than 140 items for a one week online 'Grow The Greenhouse' auction starting on Friday, February 25. The auction was a huge success and raised over $11,000.

This a perfect example of how an apparent disaster can turn into a beautiful community building project that brings everyone closer together.

» See photos of the cleanup work party.
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Quixote's Blog: Going With The Flow - Literally

Over the past six months Iíve developed and launched a new website and e-newsletter that is similar in structure to Conscious CT, but with a very different theme. From a spiritual perspective I donít know why I did this as it took time away from holistic projects; but it felt right and events kept prodding me in that direction. So I went with the flow.

The flow in this case is literally a river, which is located across the street from where I live and passes through Vernon parallel to I-84. The river is only 5 miles long but 4 of the 5 miles are protected land with many hiking trails and parks. The river valley includes the southern half of Vernon plus a bit of Tolland, Bolton and Manchester. The river is the Tankerhoosen and in its early days was dammed in many places to provide power for early mills. Thus it is rich in history as well as nature and recreation.

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Sponsor Activities

Both Spirit Matters and Breathe...more, LLC are multi-purpose centers offering a range of activities and services.

Spirit Matter's lineup for March includes The Law of Attraction with CATHY EWING, Sound Healing with EDIE JEMIOLA, Tai Chi & QiGong with GEORGE HOFFMAN, Shamanism with MARIAN VITALI, Laughter Playshop with MYLENE POITRAS and more. See our Calendar for details or visit Spirit Matters Workshops & Classes.

For LCSW's CATHY EWING has a new two day class on April 8 and 9 offering 10 CEU's on 'Working with Subtle Energies in Psychotherapy: The Interplay of Energy Psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique and Sound.'

On Tuesday, March 29 the first class of an 8 week course in 'Prema Meditation: Exploring Human Consciousness,' a Western adaptation of an Eastern discipline. Subjects include levels of meditation, spirituality, relaxation, and stress reduction. This course, taken by many teachers in the area, hasn't been offered for some time so if interested take advantage of it.

» Learn More About Spirit Matters

Breathe...more moves into Spring with March Madness! They are madly happy that March is here and winter is beginning to lose its grasp. They have some fun, out of the ordinary classes for you this month, and some cool events!

A highlight is a field trip to Kripalu on Saturday, March 19. Enjoy a day at Kripalu in the company of fellow students. The day will include yoga, meditation, classes and three meals.

Over the Winter CHERIE TRICE's Breathe...more,llc and JUNE HYJEK's Meridian Health & Fitness, LLC merged their practices, and will continue operations under the Breathe...more name in their Tolland studio. For more information on the merger see the News Story.

See our Calendar for details or visit Breath...more's Upcoming Events.

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News Headlines

Each month there is activity in the community that you'll find covered on the News Page of the Communication section. If you are a business please send us press releases and photos of your events.

  • Topmost Greenhouse Brings Community Together
  • Area MD Cited For Diabetic Work
  • Enchantments Closing Announced
  • Breathe...more, llc & Meridian Health & Fitness, llc Merge

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