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Summer 2010

Fun In The Sun

Summer's in full bloom and we're spending more time outside than inside. Hope you're taking advantage of all the Farmer's Markets, parks and walking trails in the area. We're truly blessed with an abundance.

During the Summer months there are a few less events going on, but still a great deal of activity at our centers. Check the Calendar regularly. We also usually highlight a couple of events for the coming week on our Home Page and post some on our new Facebook Page. Lots of ways to stay in touch and informed. See the Upcoming Events section below for highlights of the next month - concerts, ghosts, comedy and gongs.

We also add a new Business Profile this month and introduce you to RACHEL DONOVAN's Balanced Health Center in Glastonbury. She offers an holistic approach to women's health care including gyn care, bioidentical hormone therapy, energy medicine, prenatal care and much more.

Along with adding classes for the Summer we've also updated our Spiritual Counselor Directory based on the recent The Door Opener Directory update.

If you are following JENIPHER YOUNG-HALL's adventures in Guatemala, just this month a nearby volcano blew three days before they were hit by the first tropical storm of the season. Jenipher helped care for the children and dig out houses from mud and ash.

And we continue to explore using Facebook to keep you up-to-date with all the things happening between newsletters. Check out what we have to offer. So enjoy the summer and let us help you stay current and informed.

Jon Roe   

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Upcoming Events

No major events or fairs in our area over the summer, but lots of other things going on. Here's a potpourri of upcoming special events. You can find details in our Calendar.

Positive Music Series At C4PT

The Center For Progressive Therapies will host their sixth Summer Friday Night Music Series beginning on Friday, June 25. Four concerts are currently schedule including July 9, 23 and August 6. There will be two acts each night beginning at 7:30. Music is varied with various sacred sound, world music, participatory and performance music; folk, jazz, and blues. Performances are outdoors in an intimate setting around the terraced pool and garden area. Each event is intended to provide a different presentation and a quality experience.

» Go to C4PT for details

Got Ghosts? At Spirit Matters

We're all fascinated by the idea of ghosts and investigators have been in the news frequently with studies at the Mark Twain House, Nathan Hale Homestead and Cheney Homestead among many other locations. On Friday, July 9 and Saturday, July 10 Spirit Matters in Ellington will host professional house healer and ghost rescuer DAVID FRANKLIN FARKAS. Learn about how ghosts perceive us as well as what to do if you think you may have visitors.

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Mediums To Play Comedy Club

For something completely different join The Beyond Center's JANINE BARZYA-LY and REBECCA ANNE LOCICERO for breakfast at The Funny Bone Comedy Club at Manchester's Buckland Mall on Sunday, July 11 at 11 a.m. It's time to laugh at Heaven. Join the mediums as they present the laughter within their work. Raise your spirits during a light breakfast and humor filled readings for attending guests - those physically present and those not!

» Go to The Beyond Center for details and tickets

Wellness Day At The Conduit Center

After the laughter at The Funny Bone wind down and relax at The Conduit Center in East Hartford where they will hold a Wellness Day on Sunday, July 11 from 1-3 p.m. There you'll find Tai Chi, Yoga, massage therapy, meditation, art and vibrational healing and, of course, gongs.

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Business Profile - Balanced Health Center

Balanced Health Center is the Glastonbury based practice of RACHEL DONOVAN, CNM, MSN. The center meets the health needs of women of all ages. Their mission is to provide the best possible care in the healthiest possible environment.

Starting with adolescence, they offer a variety of traditional and alternative therapies for each individual. All care encourages health and wellness of the mind, body and spirit. As we grow and change, our needs and goals change as well. Rachel helps women develop a healthcare plan to meet the challenges that come with growth.

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Summer Issue of The Door Opener & Reader Update

The Summer issue of The Door Opener is on the stands. The theme for this issue is Relationships with 13 articles covering many aspects of the subject. Events for Summer are posted in our calendar.

The Summer issue of The Door Opener also includes the annual update of spiritual counselors, psychic readers and astrologers. Those who practice in our region have been updated in our Spiritual Counselor section. While most readers are trustworthy, it is important to be cautious as there are a few bad apples out there. We have met and are comfortable with most of those listed on this website. Also see 'Getting The Most From A Psychic Reading' linked from this section for suggestions on evaluating a reader.

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On Facebook

Conscious CT is new to Facebook and we're playing with postings that will be helpful to you or interesting to read. If you're a Fan you'll be kept up-to-date with upcoming events, recent news, event photos, and items of regional interest. As an example here are some of the postings since our last newsletter:

  • The passing of East Hartford massage therapist Lisa Randall
  • The opening of the Coventry Farmers' Market for the season
  • The channel for Creatious moves South
  • Photos of Herbfest
  • Free workshops on Intuition and EFT, the Tapping Technique
  • Wickham Park's Sensory Garden

Join us and receive the latest news. Because we post just a few items each week so not to overwhelm you, we choose just the most interesting. Let us know what information would be most useful to you and how we can improve the page. You'll also find a link on our Home Page.

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Jenipher's Journey Update

In April we introduced the adventures of Manchester's JENIPHER YOUNG-HALL, who left on February 1 with a single bag for a year or more in Guatemala to live with, help and learn from the people there. Guatemala, of course, is the home of the Mayans of 2012 calendar fame.

We created a page on Conscious CT to follow her adventures through her Facebook page, emails and photos. Anything might happen and it was an opportunity to learn about another country through her eyes.

Things did happen as she visited the Mayan ruins just days before the Pacaya Volcano blew on May 27 and three days later Tropical Storm Agartha, the largest storm to hit the country in sixty years, blew in from the Pacific. Catch up with her on Jenipher's Journey.

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Out And About

The CT Herb Association's 2010 Herbfest was held on Saturday, June 5. If you recall both days that weekend included a series of small, but violent thunderstorms. Herbfest is held outdoors so there was concern about it being rained out.

ROSEMARI ROAST opened the day at 10 a.m. with a ceremony asking that the skies remain clear during the event. Most of the vendors joined in the ceremony and in spite of rumbling in the distance and gray skies at times, Herbfest was rain free and mostly sunny throughout the day.

At 4 p.m. MARIE MENUT and OWEN JAMES signaled the close of the event with gongs (photo). Immediately thereafter the skies opened and we had rain, hail, thunder, lightening and wind. Next year perhaps we can hold the gongs until the tents are down and we've cleaned up.

» For more Herbfest photos go to our Facebook Page

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Sponsor Activities

Both Spirit Matters and Breathe...more, LLC are multi-purpose centers offering a range of activities and services.

Breathe...more led a free Community Sunrise Yoga class at the Tolland Relay for Life on Saturday, June 12 at the Tolland High School track. Breathe…more also sponsored a team in this year's Relay for Life. The event was a benefit for the American Cancer Society.

Yoga classes continue throughout the Summer. Special workshops will include an introduction to The Alexander Technique on Thursday, July 29 and on Thursday night, July 22 a guest instructor from Kripalu will lead a special class.

There will also be a special one evening 'Tai Chi Form Practice' with GEORGE HOFFMAN or Friday, July 23 at 6 p.m. In this class, George will share tips gathered from more than l5 years of study.

See our Calendar for details or visit Breath...more's Upcoming Events.

» Learn More About Breathe...more

Spirit Matters is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. During that time the center has grown from an idea to an integral part of the community hosting many workshops and events as well as providing a range of holistic services.

CATHY EWING-RINKER is a co-author of the just released book, Incredible Life. The book contains comprehensive resources from twenty of the country's top experts to provide readers with guidance, how-to skills, strategies and insights on everything needed to be who you most want to be and cultivate the life you want to lead. It's a guide to planning, clarifying and pursuing the life of your deepest desires and highest aspirations.

New events this summer include workshops on Ghosts by DAVID FRANKLIN FARKAS on July 9 and 10, Shamanic Journeying by MARIAN VITALI on Mondays, July 19 or August 9, and a talk by PEG BUSSE on Grief on Wednesday, July 21. See our Calendar for details or visit Spirit Matters Workshops & Classes.

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News Headlines

Each month there is activity in the community that you'll find covered on the News Page of the Communication section. If you are a business please send us press releases and photos of your events.

  • Passings: Nancy Caffyn
  • Spike Lee To Film Book By Local Author
  • Wickham Park Opens Sensory Garden
  • ECHN Introduces New Integrative Medicine Services

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