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February 2010

Heads Up

As Spring rapidly approaches the first buds will be poking their heads out of the ground and we New Englanders will begin poking our heads out the front door more often. To catch our interest as we venture out, the centers are all stepping up their activities as they are less concerned about being snowed out. So there are lots of interesting events to draw you out and catch your attention.

The times have been economically challenging for everyone, but there are always opportunities. While Magik Intent has closed in Rockville, The Conduit Center has opened in East Hartford. We have too few independent shops in our area, so please support them.

In this issue of our newsletter we introduce ALINE HOFFMAN's Solution Alternatives Business Profile. We've featured Aline previously for her talent as an artist, but as you'll see, this is only one facet of her. She's also a Reiki Master, hypnotist and teacher of both modalities.

We also introduce you in our blog to another area practitioner - holistic cardiologist DR. STEPHEN SINATRA of Manchester. He's currently promoting in his newsletter the medical benefits of connecting to the Earth in language that other doctors will understand.

A new page has been added under the News section to remember area practitioners and teachers who have passed over. In Memory reminds us of the many people who shared our journey.

So venture out and get involved as the weather allows. And if you have to stay in, stock up on some of our Spiritual Cinema suggestions and enjoy.

Jon Roe   

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Upcoming Events

There are no major events coming up East of the River in the next few weeks so here are a couple of early March workshops in the Hartford area with out-of-state leaders that might be of interest.

LEE LAWRENCE returns for his annual visit and 'Science of the Soul' workshop on Saturday, March 6 from 1 to 5 p.m. Lee is from Pennsylvania and has become a favorite in our area since he was a guest at our holistic breakfast in Vernon two years ago. He so impressed us with his knowledge, healing technique and presentation that he has been returning each year at this time for a full workshop. The workshop will be held this year at the The Center for Holistic Empowerment in Bloomfield. Cost: $35.

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Australia's NIGEL TAYLOR has travelled to 45 countries and over the past 30 years has taught and studied with diverse world cultures. On Sunday, March 7 from 2 to 6:30 p.m. he presents 'The God Who Only Knew Four Words.' These days are bringing to us great opportunity for growth and shedding of the old life energies - thereby allowing us to find powerful pathways of self transformation. Receive one simple teaching that neutralizes troubling thought lines and fear based emotions and receive tools to move from MindSpace to HeartSpace. Achieve freedom from karmic patterning from this and previous lifetimes then identify and activate the release of non-beneficial genetic, ancestral, and soul karmas carried with you into this current life experience. The workshop is presented in West Hartford by the Enlightened Professional Center. Cost: $75.

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Business Profile - Solution Alternatives

Solution Alternatives is the Coventry based practice and studio of ALINE HOFFMAN. Aline has been exploring the dynamics of alternative therapies since the l970’s. She is a certified Consulting Hypnotherapist; an NGH Certified Instructor of Hypnosis; a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist; a Reiki Master/Teacher; an Artist; a Retired School Counselor and has experience as an Art Therapist.

We've previously featured Aline's artwork in Conscious CT, but readers may not be aware of her work as a practitioner and teacher. She's the only Certified Instructor of Hypnosis in our East of the River community, as well as a Reiki Master/Teacher.

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Spring Issue of The Door Opener

The Spring issue of The Door Opener should be on the stands and on its way to subscribers this week. The theme for this issue is Reiki Stories. These healing stories are about the patient/client, the healer, an animal, or a circumstance. Some March events are posted in our Calender and we'll add the rest of the next quarter shortly.

The Door Opener now has its own YouTube channel for practitioners and advertisers with videos. As more are added we are providing links on Conscious CT to applicable videos.

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The Conduit Center

We're delighted to see a new store open in the area. OWEN JAMES and friends recently opened The Conduit Center at 1227 Burnside Avenue, Suite 1 in East Hartford, near Wickham Park and opposite the Marco Polo restaurant.

Several years ago Owen and his friends GUY DOUGLAS and J. WENZEL became intrigued with the healing and calming power of gongs and Tibetan bowls. They formed the group called The Conduit and have taken their gongs to fairs and events both in Connecticut and around the country spreading the message of the gongs. Their goal it to literally Gong The Planet.

In January they took the endeavor to the next step by opening a store and center. There they not only have related products for sale such as bowls, tingshas and CD's; but host regular gong and meditation sessions and teach students to use Tibetan bowls and gongs. As they settle in more classes are being added, including Tai Chi and Breath-Work Meditation. More to come as they grow.

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Blog: Earthing

DR. STEPHEN SINATRA is a Manchester holistic cardiologist. He has long been an advocate of fewer surgeries and less medication for heart conditions; emphasizing prevention, nutrition and supplements to maintain health and remedy conditions. He publishes a newsletter, ‘Heart, Health & Nutrition’ making him perhaps the best known East of the River practitioner on a national level. In his newsletter he also addresses a wide range of conditions other than cardiology.

Yet he may not be known to you as he rarely speaks locally. This blog entry is let you know that we have a well respected holistic medical doctor practicing East of the River and also to introduce you to a new favorite practice of his - Earthing.

Dr. Sinatra calls it "the most important health breakthrough in my 30-plus years as a doctor,” yet its practiced by most children and comes naturally to many of us who love the outdoors or gardening. Earthing is just a new term for grounding, as in walking outdoors barefoot and reconnecting to the Earth. Most of us interested in holistic medicine and the environment already know the benefits of connecting to the Earth - physically, energetically and spiritually. So what’s new about Earthing? What’s new is that there is now medical research and a physiological explanation for the benefits we have always known about intuitively and from our experience.

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Sponsor Activities

Both Spirit Matters and Breathe...more, LLC are multi-purpose centers offering a range of activities and services.

As we emerge from Winter more workshops are scheduled on Spirit Matters calendar. LISA BURCH hosts the free monthly Alliance workshop on Thursday, March 18 with an 'Intro to EMDR'. And on Thursday, March 25 she and MARNA WALTER co-host their new 'Vibrational Healing Meditation'.

CATHY EWING-RINKER is just back from teaching on a Caribbean cruise and offers 'Don't Believe Everything You Think' on Thursday, March 4 and 'Down To Earth Tools for a Spiritual Life' on Monday, March 15.

In addition DR. NORTON BERKOWITZ introduces 'Past Life Regression Therapy' on Thursday, March 11 and DR. MARIAN VITALI discusses 'The Female Archetype' on Monday, March 8. See our Calendar for details or visit Spirit Matters Classes & Workshops.

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Breathe...more is creating its own SPRING BREAK for you this March!!! Join them for any of four workshops during the weekend of the Spring Equinox.

On Thursday, March 18 'YogaDance into Spring'; on Friday, March 19 do 'Sun Salutation A, B and maybe C!'; on Saturday, March 20 its time for 'Spring Cleaning: Asanas & Bandhas'; and on Sunday, March 21 is the 'Spring Power Yoga Jam'. If you do yoga this is an opportunity to try some new things. See our Calendar for time and details or visit Breath...more's Upcoming Events.

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News Headlines

Each month there is activity in the community that you'll find covered on the News Page of the Communication section. If you are a business please send us press releases and photos of your events.

  • Passings: Anna Wiedeler
  • Rockville's Magik Intent Closes
  • The Beyond Center Opens in Vernon
  • Passings: Steven Grady, MD

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A new page, In Memory, has been added that is accessible from our News Page. It's a reminder of those who walked with us in the holistic community and now passed on to another level of experience.

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