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January 2010

Mysterious Ways

It's often said that the Universe (feel free to use your preferred name here) works in mysterious ways. Create your visions and don't try to figure out how they'll manifest, the Universe is far more creative than you are. Don't struggle against the flow, just relax and go with it and things will work out as they should. So I find myself in a most interesting situation with no idea of what the higher purpose is, where its carrying me or how the Universe is using me. Ask to be of service and off you're swept.

I find myself caught up in a controversy between an ambitious corporation owner, who wants to put a rock concert venue in a quiet part of town surrounded by residential areas, and the neighbors who oppose the intrusion. Since I live in one of the neighborhoods and prefer not to have to listen to loud music on summer evenings I'm involved in the resistance. The details aren't important here, but if you're curious go to Vernon Concert Venue Information. Yes, I created the website.

It's not where I really want to put my time, but I have to believe there is something more involved here for me than whether I have to listen to music on summer evenings. Sometimes the Universe shakes everything up so that new things can be created from it. So we try not to get caught up in negative emotions, try not to paddle our boats upstream and visualize good things at the end of the rapids.

Many sources are predicting that 2010 will be a tumultuous year. It's starting that way for me and maybe for you too. Stay true to your spiritual values and let them guide you through your own challenges. I'll let you know how I make out.

And back in Conscious CT it's the first of the year and new classes are starting, a new center has opened and there are many opportunities for learning, healing and growing. Jump in somewhere to distract you from winter and soon we'll be on our way to warmer weather. In the meantime make the most of what the Universe offers you.

Jon Roe   

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Rebecca & Janine

The Beyond Center

The Beyond Center,LLC opened last month in Vernon. A joint effort by psychic mediums REBECCA LOCICERO and JANINE BARZYA-LY, the center will host their regular classes in psychic development and mediumship as well as other programs and practitioners. The center is located in the Professional Building at 281 Hartford Turnpike (Route 30) just off I-84 Exit 65.

An Open House will be held on Saturday, January 23 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. providing you an opportunity to visit the new center and meet Rebecca and Janine. At 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. they will hold a free mediumship session. If you've never experienced a medium here's your opportunity.

Events and classes at the center are listed in our Calendar, Classes and Groups pages.

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Holistic Health Practitioner Directory

We have updated our Holistic Health Practitioner Directory to include all those listed in The Door Opener's annual 2010 statewide directory who practice in our region of the state. There are 39 listings with a wide range of modalities including Holistic Physicians, Naturopathic Physicians, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Bodyworkers, Energy Practitioners, Psychotherapists, Shamanic Practitioners, Hypnotherapists and Coaches.

Included with the listings are photos, links to practitioner websites and in some cases Business Profiles so that you can more quickly access information about a practitioner and learn what each offers. A few practitioners also include videos for a more personal introduction to their practice. As an example visit Marian Vitali's listing and click the video link.

Please explore this section of our website to get a feel for the healing resources available to you in ConsciousCT.

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Integrative Medicine At Area Hospitals

Since we're on the subject of holistic health this month a web page has been created to give you information on the Integrative Medical services provided by Hartford Hospital, Saint Francis Hospital, Windham Hospital and ECHN's Manchester Memorial and Rockville General Hospitals. All but ECHN have been exploring and learning over the past ten years and in 2009 all but ECHN also took steps to further integrate and recognize complementary modalities. The Hospital web page also includes some history of their programs and educational opportunities at their East of the River centers.

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As I'm sure you can tell ECHN's reluctance to explore complementary modalities or to develop an Integrative Medicine Department bothers me as Manchester and Rockville are the closest hospitals to most of us. In so many ways they provide good service and have many fine doctors and nurses on staff. I express my frustration in a blog titled 'Where's ECHN?'

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Blog: Things That Changed Our Lives In The Past Decade

Jocelyn Noveck of the Associated Press wrote an article titled "50 Things That Changed Our Lives In The Past Decade" that was printed in most newspapers. You may have seen it. Although many of the items relate to technology changes, what caught my eye were those that relate to the holistic area. Day by day we don't see it, but over the course of 10 years we've made good progress. Here are six trends of interest, the parenthesis are my comments:

ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE: From acupuncture to herbal supplements to alternative ways of treating cancer, alternative medicine became more mainstream than ever. (We prefer to call it Integrative rather than Alternative Medicine, but yes there is a lot more interest.)

FAT: This was the decade that fat became the enemy of the state. New York City banned trans fats, and Alabama second in national obesity rankings introduced a tax on overweight state workers. (There has been more emphasis on good nutrition and an understanding that what we eat affects us on so many levels.)

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Sponsor Activities

Both Spirit Matters and Breathe...more, LLC are multi-purpose centers offering a range of activities and services. They begin the year with new Yoga and Tai Chi classes and offer a variety of old favorites and new workshops.

Breathe...more is just coming off their Annual Women's Retreat and has special workshops scheduled in the next few weeks in Thai Massage, QiGong, and Yoga. Visit our Calendar of Breathe...more's website for details.

Also of interest are two February Meditation classes led by JUNE HYJEK. The first on February 13 is an Introduction to Meditation for beginners to discover what it's all about. The second workshop on February 20 is an Introduction to Kundalini Meditation, a more advanced form of the practice.

» Learn More About Breathe...more

Lisa and Cathy both explore new ideas and modalities to aid clients healing process. Lisa completed a class in the use of sound for healing using Tibetan Singing Bowls and uses it when appropriate. Cathy has professionally recorded a CD with a series of guided meditations for clients and is also taking part in an Enlightenment Cruise to the Caribbean in February. Visit Reawaken Your Dreamer.

New workshops being offered at Spirit Matters include a Vibrational Healing Meditation on January 28 and two Valentine programs - Cathy Ewing-Rinker's 'The Passion Test' on February 7 and Marian Vitali's 'You Are Your Own Valentine' of February 8.

Spirit Matters also has part-time or full-time space for rent to a compatible holistic practitioner. They are particularly interested in spiritually focused psychotherapists or massage therapists, but open to practitioners of other modalities as well. Contact Lisa or Cathy if interested.

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News Headlines

Each month there is activity in the community that you'll find covered on the News page of the Communication section. If you are a business please send us press releases and photos of your events.

  • Passings: Steven Grady, MD
  • Medium Publishes New Book
  • The Graduate Institute Offers Classes in Hartford
  • Farmers' Market To Continue Through Winter

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