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This section is a place we can share and exchange information and ideas. In addition to area news and access to our email newsletter, we have a Photo Gallery and a Blog.

We encourage you to send your photos of community events and activities and news items you feel would be of interest to our community.

Quixote's Blog

Commentary, observations, opinions and stray thoughts on just about anything related to Conscious CT. Your comments are invited.

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Other Blogs

Links to the blogs of others in our neighborhood who have experiences, comments or ideas on subjects related to Conscious CT.

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Photo Gallery

Remember events of the past year and get familiar with our East of the River community. Online are albums of HerbFest in June, the Animal Health Expo in June, Taste! Organic Connecticut in September, the Unity Church Holistic Health Fair in September, the Enfield Well-Being Expo in November, the Winter Solstice Celebration in December, and Celebrating Our Holistic Community in April.

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East of the River News

Each issue of The Door Opener includes extensive coverage of both area and national news under the headings of Connecticut Happenings, Holistic Health, Gaia and Spiritual Cinema. It is also posted online.

This section of Conscious CT contains just news items of interest to our region. Included are upcoming community events, business and items of general interest. Environmental news is under that section.

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In Memory

This is a page to remember those who worked with us and have passed on to a plane of new experiences.

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Periodically we email a newsletter with news of upcoming community activities, news of interest and new website features to those on our email list. If you aren't signed up for the newsletter you can do so on our Home page. You can also access past newsletters here.

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