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Other Blogs

Blogs are a wonderful way to express ideas, experiences and share ideas. Here are links to the blogs of others in our neighborhood who express themselves on subjects related to Conscious CT. Please let us know about your blog.

Jeff Behr & Jocelyne Colombe left Connecticut and are relocating to the West Coast. They started this blog in July as they began the drive west.

They'll update it as the can while on the road. They plan to spend some time in Iowa with Jeff's family before spending the rest of the summer in Colorado. Then on to California.

Bob Crawford is a Vernon life coach helping people use the law of attrachtion to manifest the life they desire. His blog includes many tips and ideas for improving your life. Samples include:
  • Manifesting - Back To Basics
  • Overcoming Fear

Faith McCann is the owner of Enchantments in Manchester, a Wiccan school and Witch Shoppe. On her blog she writes about The Life and Times of a Contemporary New England Witch. Samples include:
  • Black Cats, Bats, Cauldrons & Pointy Hats
  • The Pentagram

Beverly Titus' blog, A Very Personal Journey, shares her spiritual journey. She has been involved with holistic and spiritual activities for over 30 years and worked with most of the early movers and shakers in Connecticut. Samples include:
  • Loving and Loved
  • Rituals and Prayers - Questions and Answers

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