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Business Profiles

The Business Profile is essentially a one page website that allows readers to learn about your business at a glance and compare it to others. Websites are a wonderful collection of information reflecting a business, but each is set up differently and it takes time for readers to navigate through them to find the information they want. Our Business Profiles present essential information as well as links to sections of your website in a consistent way so readers can quickly compare one business or practitioner with another and will know exactly where to find what they need.

» For A Sample See Sponsor Business Profiles

How Will People Find My Profile?

Special links to those with Profiles are displayed throughout the Conscious CT pages wherever you are listed, including any workshops you do. When your Profile first goes online it will be announced in our monthly email newsletter and on our Home Page. And the Profile Index page will list all the Profiles available. As Profiles are added we hope to find other ways to promote advertisers who are supporting us.

For those of you without your own websites you can use the Profile website address on your other promotional materials including flyers and business cards.

Your Profile page will also come up in search engines such as Google and Yahoo as well as in the Conscious CT search engine.

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost for a Business Profile is $95 per year. There is no setup fee. In most cases just one new client will pay for the page.

The income from Profiles will be used to advertise and promote the website itself and not for salaries. Thus you will be both advertising your business on the website and helping to draw more readers to the website who will then find your business.

For those of you without your own website this is an economical way to have a web presence that you can reference in any advertising that you do or put on business cards.

For those of you with your own website this is a way to support Conscious CT, to get more exposure on our website, and to present a consistent format to users.

What The Profile Page Is and Is Not

The Profile pages display key information about you and your business in a consistent way so that it is easy for readers to learn about you quickly and make comparisons. It is not intended to be a full website. People will learn what you do, who you are, how to reach you and where to find you. The pages will all be laid out pretty much the same so readers know exactly where to find information.

Your page can indicate that you teach particular classes but it is not the place to list detail descriptions, dates and times - this can be done elsewhere on the website or we'll put in a link to your own website.

There is no set number of words or pictures - it will depend on what you do and what is needed to describe you and your business.

We also encourage you to show the person behind the business. What are your other interests? How do you like to spend your time when not working? Where are you from? People are more comfortable choosing a practitioner they know as a person or who they can identify with.

What We Need To Create Your Profile

If you already have a website we can extract enough information from it to set up your Profile Page with links to key pages on your site. You will then be able to edit the page and add more information should there be holes or pieces missing before it goes live.

If you don't have a website send a description of the services you provide, your bio, education, and anything else that might be relevant. We'll coach you and make suggestions so you'll be putting your best foot forward.

And send photos. Don't be shy - people want to know who you are. Photos of you, of you at work, of where you work, of you with pets. Whatever shows an image of you as a real person - the personality behind the business. Think of what would impact you positively if you were choosing a practitioner. We will crop and size your images. If you don't have digital photos we'll scan them for you and return the originals.

For More Information & Payment

For questions and to send payment contact:

Jon Roe
Email: jon@consciousct.org
Phone: (860) 875-4101
70 Valley Falls Road
Vernon, CT 06066

Please make checks out to 'Jon Roe'.

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