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Other resources for your business.

Upcoming Community Events

The following community events that should attract a large number of attendees are taking place in Conscious CT within the next year and might be good opportunities for you to market your business. Also see the Calendar for events with specific dates.

If you know of additional events or have more detail please contact Jon Roe at Jon@consciousct.org.

Well-Being Expo: Usually held at the Crowne Plaza in Enfield, this event will not be held in 2010.

Saturday & Sunday, March 26 & 27, 2011 - Fifth Greater Vernon Healthfest - This two day partnership between the town of Vernon and the holistic community will take place the last weekend of March. Applications won't be available until about December 1. Contact is JON ROE at 860-875-4101, Jon.Roe@comcast.net.


Connecticut organizations of interest to area businesses.

CONNECTICUT HERB ASSOCIATION, INC. (CHAI) was established to gather together all herbalists and those interested in bringing herbs into their lives. The focus of CHAI is to educate and share the diverse world of herbs with one another and the community. CHAI welcomes all practitioners, shopkeepers, educators, growers and students and encompasses both Eastern (Chinese, Ayurvedic) and Western herbs. CHAI hosts events and gatherings around the state throughout the year, including the annual Herbfest in Coventry each year. Visit their website for schedule, membership and contact information.

CONNECTICUT HOLISTIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION (CHHA) is an organization of health care professionals who promote, educate, and support the practice and philosophy of holistic health care. Their objectives are to cultivate networking, provide educational seminars, and keep abreast of legislative issues. There are branches throughout the state. Area branches in Hartford and Storrs are currently inactive.

HOLISTIC HEALTH PRACTITIONERS OF NORTHEAST CONNECTICUT is a group of health practitioners working to support, network and educate themselves as practitioners and to provide the community of Northeast Connecticut with an expanded awareness of, and access to, holistic health practices. Visit their website for schedule, membership and contact information.

THE ALLIANCE FOR HOLISTIC LIVING is a group of health practitioners promoting holistic living in their communities through collaborative ventures with integrity and respect for all creation. The focus is on service and education. It is based East of the River although all are welcome. Visit their website for schedule, membership and contact information.

Ongoing Events

Area events for holistic businesses.

THE GREATER VERNON FIRST FRIDAY BREAKFAST has been meeting monthly at Charlie's in Vernon since September 2002. Meetings are from 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. and are part networking and part social gathering. They are a wonderful opportunity to get to know your fellow practitioners and feel part of the community.

For newcomers our ground rules (or lack of them) are: No agenda. No speaker. Just get to know each other, create community, share experiences, talk about anything of interest or coming up. Come when you can, leave early if you need to. Feel free to bring a friend. No RSVP necessary. Bring your business cards and flyers.

Charlie's is located at Vernon Commons, 520 Hartford Turnpike (Rte 30) - between Rein's and the pyramid church. See Map. If you have questions contact Jon Roe at Jon@consciousct.org or (860) 875-4101.


Connecticut holistic print or online publications available in our area.

NATURAL AWAKENINGS is a monthly publication and website providing services and information to the community to improve your quality of life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle. It is distributed throughout Hartford County. For advertising information contact publisher HOLLY DANOWSKI at (203) 314-9707, Holly@NaturalAwakeningsMag.com or visit website.

NATURAL NUTMEG is a monthly publication and website providing resources and information focusing on a healthy, active, sustainable lifestyle. It contains information on natural health, complementary and alternative medicine, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living and the products and services that support good health. It is distributed throughout central Connecticut and the Litchfield Hills. For advertising information contact DR. DIANE HINDMAN or CHRIS HINDMAN at (860) 217-1239, advertsing@naturalnutmeg.com or visit website.

THE DOOR OPENER, in print and online, provides Connecticut's holistic health and metaphysical/spiritual communities an opportunity for listing events, classes, services and products at minimum cost. The magazine is published by DORY DZINSKI and targets people with an interest in self improvement and exploring alternatives. It is sold statewide through health food, alternative book and gift shops and some larger chain book stores, as well as by subscription. Advertising information.

The Door Opener also publishes the oldest statewide Directory of Holistic Health Practitioners. It is published in it's Winter issue and is online at its website throughout the year. Practitioners listing in this directory are automatically included on Conscious CT as we have an affiliation with them. You will find a Directory application on their website.

THE HARTFORD WOMEN'S JOURNAL is a bimonthly publication serving the women of the Hartford area and is dedicated to education. From a marketing perspective it is unique in that advertisers have the opportunity to write an educational article in each issue and have an exclusive based on their modality or product. It's distribution includes medical offices. For advertising information contact publisher ROBERT LEE at (860) 875-0379 or hcwjpaper@hotmail.com.

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