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September 2008 Business Newsletter

Conscious CT For Practitioners

This newsletter is specifically for holistic practitioners working East of the River in the Conscious CT region. What prompts it is that The Door Opener is currently collecting entries for its 2009 Directory of Connecticut Holistic Health Practitioners and those entries will be included without charge on our website. More about that below.

Our website is a year old so I'd like to also take this opportunity to tell you where we are, where we are going, and how this might affect you and your practice. We have grand plans for our second year.

I've also included what's coming up in the way of fairs and expos in the next eight months.

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Practitioner Directories

The Door Opener publishes an annual directory of Connecticut Holistic Health Practitioners in its Winter issue, on the stands in late November. The directory is also on its website for the next year. Conscious CT includes on our site all the listings that The Door Opener carries of those practicing in our region. These listings will also be the basis for adding optional profiles in the near future as discussed below. The deadline to receive listings for The Door Opener's 2009 directory is September 30. The cost to a non-advertiser for a listing begins at about $30. For this you'll be in the print directory, online at The Door Opener and online at Conscious CT. You can be added to the online directories at anytime if you miss the deadline, but the cost is the same.

I hope you will take advantage of this very economical marketing opportunity. If you didn't receive an application by mail from The Door Opener you will find one on their website as linked below. If you have questions contact Dory Dzinski at The Door Opener (860) 693-2840 or thedooropener@comcast.net. Conscious CT is not involved with creation of the directory, although we have permission to include your listings on our website.

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What's Next?

Conscious CT is entering its second year of networking our regional community. It has all been a grand experiment and we’ve learned a lot. In the first year we laid the foundation for the website playing with photo albums, blogs and calendars. We are receiving about 3,000 unique hits a month on our webite and our email list is reaching 600. And that's without spending a dime on advertising. So far, so good and we hope you are finding the site helpful in your own journey. Now where do we go from here?

The September newsletter introduced our plans for inviting Sponsors to participate, finding new ways to better promote area businesses and practitioners, reaching out to the public, and creating and promoting educational opportunities. You'll find this discussed in a blog post.

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Our first step is to find 12 Sponsors, who both see the marketing opportunities of Conscious CT and also see beyond their businesses to the value of working together to build a conscious community. We are appealing first to centers as they have the most to gain from working together and using our website to promote their programs. If they don't fill the 12 positions we'll open it to others who would like to work with us to build a better community.

Our first Sponsor, introduced in the latest newsletter, is Breathe...more in Tolland and its owner Cherie Trice. We'll send more information in a future newsletter to you.

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Business Profiles

We also introduced Business Profiles in our September newsletter. The Business Profile is essentially a one page website that will allow you to learn about a business and its proprietors at a glance. Websites are a wonderful collection of information reflecting a business. But each is set up differently and it takes time to navigate through them to find the information you want. Our Business Profiles will present the essential information in a consistent way so readers quickly compare one business or practitioner against another or will know exactly where to find what they need. The first Business Profiles will belong to our Sponsors. Other Listers, including Practitioners, can add Profiles later. Links to those with Profiles will be displayed throughout the Conscious CT pages.

This will be a way for you to increase your presence on Conscous CT and expand your practitioner listing as well as help us to raise funds for advertising. See Breathe...more's Profile for an example. Again we'll contact you later with details about participating. The Profile will be linked anywhere your name occurs on the web pages, so it is important that you have a presence in our directory by way of The Door Opener's directory.

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Upcoming Fairs & Expos

EnfieldThis Friday, September 7, will be the fifth anniversary of the Greater Vernon Holistic Practitioner Breakfast. Come join us for this special day and meet other area practitioners. This is one more way we build our community. We meet at Charlie's on Route 30 in Vernon from 9-11 a.m. See our calendar listing for details.

Whole Life Expo in Cromwell.On Saturday, September 22 the Holistic Health Practitioners of Northeastern CT will host a Heal the Healer day at the Pomfret Center Spa in Pomfret from 1-9 p.m.. All practitioners are invited to attend. Cost is only $15 for non members. See calendar.

Greater Vernon HealthfestConscious CT will have a table at the Unity Church Holistic Health Fair on September 29. It's a community event with over 60 of us involved. Stop by and visit. See calendar.

MCC Holistic Health FairThe North Central Hospice in Vernon is looking for Reiki volunteers to give Reiki to hospice patients. The Reiki program is going very well, hence, the need for more volunteers. You would need to complete a 20 hour hospice training program. If you are interested, please call the Hospice Volunteer Coordinator, Lynn Seiden-Preminger at (860) 872-9163, ext. 2423.

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And Finally

Jon Roe

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