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September 2011 Practitioner Newsletter

Conscious CT For Practitioners

This annual newsletter is for holistic practitioners working East of the River in the Conscious CT region. Each year at this time you have the opportunity to take advantage of the best advertising bargain you'll have all year. Four listings for only $30. The Door Opener is currently collecting entries for its 2012 Directory of Connecticut Holistic Health Practitioners and those entries will be included without charge on our website. More about that below.

Our website is four years old this month so I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you where we are, what we are up to, and how this might affect you and your practice. I've also included information on the only upcoming fair for the rest of the year.

Jon Roe   

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Practitioner Directories

The Door Opener publishes an annual directory of Connecticut Holistic Health Practitioners in its Winter issue, on the stands in late November. The directory is also on its website for the next year. This year will be their 17th annual directory, the oldest and one of the few in the state. At Conscious CT we include for free on our site all the listings that The Door Opener carries of those practicing in our region. These listings are also the basis for adding optional profiles as discussed below. The deadline to receive listings for The Door Opener's 2012 directory is September 12. The cost to a non-advertiser for a basic listing is only $30. For this you'll be in the directory in both the print and online versions of the magazine, in the online directory at The Door Opener and at Conscious CT. You can be added to the online directories at anytime if you miss the deadline, but the cost is the same.

I hope you will take advantage of this very economical marketing opportunity. If you didn't receive an application by mail from The Door Opener you will find one on their website as linked below. If you have questions contact DORY DZINSKI at The Door Opener (860) 693-2840 or thedooropener@comcast.net. Conscious CT is not involved with creation of the directory, although we have permission to include your listings on our website.

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Where Are We Now?

Conscious CT is entering its fifth year of networking our regional community. The website receives over 8,000 unique hits each month and the newsletter has an email list of over 1,000 valid addresses. In addition to the website and e-newsletters we also have our own Facebook Page to reach the wired generation. We've found Facebook a good tool for staying connected by providing breaking news, photos of recent events, notices of upcoming events and reminders of information on various parts of the website.

As a result of new projects, websites and newsletters the Conscious CT e-newsletter is now published quarterly rather than 10 issues per year. We remain committed to keeping the calendar, activities, directories and Facebook page current, but will not add new sections at this time.

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Business Profiles

The Business Profile is essentially a one page website that allows readers to learn about a business and its proprietors at a glance. Websites are a wonderful collection of information reflecting a business. But each is set up differently and it takes time to navigate through them to find the information you want.

Our Business Profiles present the essential information in a consistent way so readers can quickly compare one business or practitioner to another and know exactly where to find what they need. The Profile is featured in our monthly email the month it is created. The cost is $95 per year and there is no setup fee. Just one new client easily pays for the Profile. We have limited the number of Profiles to maximize attention for each advertiser. Links to those with Profiles are displayed throughout the Conscious CT pages.

This is a way for you to increase your presence on Conscious CT and expand your practitioner listing as well as help us to raise funds for advertising. See the current Profiles for examples. The Profile is linked anywhere your name occurs on the web pages, so it is important that you have a presence in our directory by way of The Door Opener's directory.

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Upcoming Fairs & Expos

The only fair in our East of the River area coming up is the Alliance Wellness Fair at the Coventry Farmers' Market on Sunday, October 2. The first fair for the Farmers' Market was very successful last year and the Alliance looks forward to another great event. See slide show of the 2010 Wellness Fair.

Taste! Organic CT will not be held this year and the next Greater Vernon Healthfest won't be until March 2013.

» Go to Alliance Wellness Fair for info if interested

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Alliance For Holistic Living

Are you looking to be part of a holistic community? I'm sure you've seen the many references to the Alliance For Holistic Living as it has blossomed over the past three years. The focus of the Alliance is service and education and the group has served as an excellent platform for reaching out to other organizations. In the process we have come together as a community of friends supporting each other in our practices and on our journeys. All those willing to give a little of their time and talents are welcome, whether practitioner or supporter.

» Learn more about the Alliance For Holistic Living

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