The fair starts with planning. Our merry band met 10 times over 10 months to produce the fair.Signs go up across Vernon about 2 weeks before the fair.The Cafeteria Friday night.The Cafeteria Saturday.The Gym Friday night.The Gym Sunday.Early visitors line up at the entrance table.Tough decision on where to put registration slips for the drawings.Kurt Ravenwood at the Alliance For Holistic Living booth.Mary Thompson looks over Leanne Peters artwork.Rhonda Withington shows her repurposed products.Shamanic practitioner Marian Vitali.Storrs Yoga Center's Essential Oils.Audrey Marino browses the herbal offerings of Gayle's Thyme.Elena Juan of Paloma Face Painting goes to work.Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center booth.Indigo Star Reiki's table ready to go.Cathy Ewing and Lisa Burch from Spirit Matters.
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Signs go up across Vernon about 2 weeks before the fair.