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Many activities and organizations make up the broad category of Wicca. For convenience in locating resources they are combined on this page. Included are activities also listed under Worship, Classes & Schools, as well as shops that specialize in Wiccan products.

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MANCHESTER - Enchantments School For The Magickal Arts was created by Headmistress and High Priestess MS. FAITH MCCANN to help those seeking to learn more about the magickal world, by providing a school where one can learn and associate with other like minded magickal people.

Enchantments offers a first year program during which classes are held on Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Classes are ongoing and the curriculum is designed for the beginner and intermediate student who wishes to learn more than what is available in books.

Students who enroll into the magickal studies first year program share their experience and learn:

* Spell Casting
* The science of spell casting
* Magickal tools
* Incantations
* ESP and psychic development
* Potions & herbal studies
* Candle magick
* Crystals, gems & mineral magick
* Meditation
* Past life regression
* Learning to cast circles
* As well as working the Esbats and celebrating the Sabbats.

The levels of study at Enchantments are as follows:

The First Year Magickal Studies Program is designed for serious adult students so that after a year of study they may graduate and work effective magick as a solitary. The student will have gained the training and education, and developed the resources with which to continue their studies on their own after graduation. Students receive a certificate of completion after a year and a day of successful magickal studies training. After they graduate, they may elect to enroll in an advanced program at Enchantments or to continue celebrating the esbats & Sabbats as a member of the Alumni Club of Enchantments.

Those who wish to continue at Enchantments may enroll in our Mastery Degree Program which offers two areas of study. They may enroll in the Herbal Arts & Sciences program with emphasis on Druidic & Celtic magicks, or they may enroll in the Spell Casting Arts & Witchery program. Each course is an intensive two year program that they work on while continuing magickal studies classes weekly. There is a Certificate of Mastery presented to the student after successfully completing the two year program.

After completion of the first year Magickal Studies Program, students may elect to enroll in our Ordained Wiccan Minister Program. The Priestess Path of The Enchanted Circle Coven focuses on teaching those who wish to learn the ways of the High Priest/High Priestess. Learn to conduct Wiccannings, handfastings, Rites for the Dead, and provide spiritual counseling for those in our Wiccan and Pagan communities. Those that successfully complete this four year program will be ordained as a 3rd degree Minister of the Wiccan Tradition of the Enchanted Tradition. They may also at this time choose to start their own coven as an affiliate of the Enchanted Circle Coven.

Classes are intended for adults 18 and older, and tuition is $100 monthly. Interested parties may contact Enchantments at (860)791-6033 or stop by at 349 East Center Street, Manchester, CT 06040 to register for classes. We reserve the right to admit only interested, serious, like minded individuals to our magickal studies program. We are now open 7 days a week.


EAST HARTFORD/MANCHESTER - Hearthside Haven is an incorporated Norse/Celtic/Eclectic circle. We gather to celebrate the Sabbats and Esbats and to pass down our traditions and mythologies to our children. We offer custom-written birthing rituals, namings childhood/adolescent, adult/midlife, crone/sage rituals, requiems, funerals and best of all LEGAL handfastings/marriages! For more info call ELLEN or JIM at (860) 282-2298, hearthsidehaven@yahoo.com.

WINDHAM, Goddess Grove - Join us as we celebrate the Feminine Divine in Sacred Space. Embrace the passing of the seasons in a setting of many serene peaceful acres. Our ritualists are experienced and traditionally trained in the "Arts." We offer all rights of passage by legally ordained Priestesses or Justice of the Peace. Contact us for information on circles, workshops, guest speakers, Year n' a Day training, Tarot readings, healings and weekend camp intensives. Call Marlene (860) 456-1754 for more info.

WINDSOR - Twilight Fire Circle, Inc. is a Pagan Church serving the Greater Hartford Community. We hold open rituals for all the major Sabbats and some of the Full Moons. We are available for legal handfastings, wiccanings and other rites of passage. We hold monthly workshops on the 3rd Monday of every month. Twilight Fire is an Incorporated, State and Federally recognized Church, with IRS 501(c)3 (Non-profit) status. Contact us at P. O. Box 115, Hartford, CT 06141. You may also visit us at our website or our Yahoo Groups site.


The following shops in our area carry goods of interest to Wiccans.

Enchantments - Manchester - Wicca

Gayle's Thyme - Enfield - Herbs

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