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There is a lot going on East of the River. To make it easier to locate things of interest to you we broke the activities into a number of sections. Following are descriptions of what is in each section.

If you are looking for activities outside our area please go to The Door Opener - either the print magazine or their website. Links are provided to take you to the corresponding section of The Door Opener website.


The calendar lists individual events that take place no more than once a month. Also included are a few larger events outside our region, like nearby fairs or major national speakers. Click on items of interest to open a pop up with details. You can even send yourself a reminder by email within the window. If the pop ups don't appear you may have to tell your browser you will accept them for this site.

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Ongoing Classes & Schools

Multiple week and continuous classes including Meditation, Tai Chi and Yoga. Most of the schools offering professional training are located in other areas of the state.

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Energy Training

Classes in Reiki, Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch that take place in our region. They are not all listed in the calendar.

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Groups that meet periodically. Most are free or minimal cost. Not all are listed in the calendar. A special page covers Wiccan activity.

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Metaphysical, pagan or Eastern churches and groups that meet in worship. It does not include mainline religious organizations.

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Centers or organizations that provide multiple workshops and classes that you may find in the calendar and other sections. It also includes organizations that promote events in our area. Those with their own mailing lists are indicated as you may wish to receive email directly from them.

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